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Fall Owl Baby Shower Ideas
When most people plan a baby shower, they typically go to the timeless classic choice of pink for girl, blue for boy. These are always a good, safe, sweet choice. However, there are so many options out there that you could choose and wow the mommy-to-be! Candles & Favors offer the sweetest owl theme baby shower. If you still like the classic choice, they have owl's in pink, blue or neutral but they also have a Fall themed owl shower. Whoooo doesn't love Fall colors??! In the post that follows and a second post that will appear later this week, you can see the Fall Owl theme laid out for you in a beautiful yet simple party. When I plan a party, there are a couple of standard choices I always tend to make. One is to have a few tables worth of display. Guests always love to wander through a party to check out all the extra little details. The second choice I usually make is to mimic the theme through-out my party in those extra little details.


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    Lots of candy, cake and great food!


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    Sherry S wrote:

    Where did you get all the other decorations that are not on the Candles & Favors website? I'm using the neutral owl color theme, but I really like the additional decorations you have on the wall and bale of hay, etc.