Party Recap

We hosted a fairy themed tea party for a 6 year old's birthday. The party was outdoors which made the task of decorating even better!


Party Highlights

  • Activities / Games

    We played two games. We had a scavenger hunt where we placed different foam shaped object (butterflies, flowers, tiaras, castles) that were in different colors, all over the yard. We called out an object in a slect color and the kids were to go around and bring us the objects once they found them. Everyone received a prize! The second game we played was a butterfly relay game. In sets of two players, each girl received a butterfly net and we tossed up wire and lace butterflies in the air. The object of the game was to try and catch some before they hit the ground. Once they hit the ground, the goal of the game was to pick up as many as you could without using your hands.

  • Most Touching Moment

    We also had a personalized story featuring the birthday girl prepared to be read to the girls after the cake was cut.


Party Helpers


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