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Fairy Good!

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Party Recap

As all good fairy tales should start….
Once upon a time, in a land not-so-far-away, a very thoughtful mother wondered how she could best make her beautiful daughter, Millie smile on her birthday.
With a fascination for all things fairy, a creative mind and a few helpful degrees in child education, the beautiful Kristalee was able to come up with a party to make her daughter (and all certain voyeuristic Invitation Stylists!) gasp.
It all began about 6 weeks before the party when Kristalee’s first hint arrived. At the door was the most beautifully wrapped present and when opened, a fan-fairy-tastic surprise was revealed…
… a fairy door. Next to the present was a note from the fairies that read,
“Dear Fairy Millie,

We have heard the wonderful news that you are having a fairy party for your 3rd birthday. This makes us very excited as we adore a party.

We have decided to move into your house for the next few weeks to help you with everything that needs doing to prepare for your party. This is our magical doorway that lets us into your house at night while you are sleeping. You mustn’t try to open the door as then all the magic will go away and we will not be able to help you anymore.

You will know we have been to visit your house as when you get up in the morning you will see some fairy dust sprinkled around the doorway. Some mornings there may even be a surprise waiting for you (especially if you have slept in your own bed all night).

Lots of love, THE FAIRIES”
Throughout the lead up to the party, Millie received many visits from her new friends, the most exciting being the arrival of her very own fairy costume.
Even more fascinating was the fact that Millie was not the only one the fairies paid attention to. Even Mum Kristalee received a gorgeous costume from the very generous fairies. When Millie saw the costume, Kristalee proudly wrote:
“The fairy guest of honour, Millie, is almost jumping out of her skin with excitement, particular when the mummy fairy tried on her outfit. She had to try hers on again and she insisted we twirl down the hallway. All way too cute!”
I am in awe of how Kristalee set this up. I already knew that she was a fantastic mother of 4, but this was going above and beyond the realms of good mothering. This was appealing to her daughter’s innermost dreams and making them reality. I can only imagine how excited a young girl would be and simply awestruck at the thought of little magical beings dancing through her house and wanting to give her happiness.

Equally wonderful is the actual party that Kristalee created. The backyard was transformed into a fairy garden, resplendent in toadstools and fairy bunting and the whole effect was created so beautifully by being understated rather than going over the top. The look on the guests’ faces as they entered was priceless and every little girl’s face lit up in wonder.
Once the party got underway, the guests were treated to a craft activity where they were able to decorate their own star fairy wands. Instead of using construction materials, the wands were actually edible – the star a home made cookie attached to a bamboo stick. There were various edible fairy decorations for the guests to use to personalise their own wand. Also on the agenda was a pass the parcel and no fairy party would be complete without a little bit of fairy dancing.


Party Highlights

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    fairy dancing, fairy cookie wand decorating, pass the parcel

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    fairy cookie wands, fairy 'baby-cinos', cupcakes, fairy bread


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