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Evys 3rd Birthday Peppa Pig Party

Karen W By Karen W  in Birthday


Party Recap

My 6 year old daughter and myself had a great time planning this party... We went Peppa Pig Mad!!! Trying to blend everything we did in with the Peppa Pig Theme... Enjoy!!


Party Highlights

  • Best Dressed

    The Birthday Girl Of Course!!

  • Desserts

    Peppa and George Cupcakes

  • Activities / Games

    Musical Muddy Puddles and Pinata with Handmade Peppa Pig Hair Clips For Prizes

  • Budget

    I never keep an eye on a budget with my parties!!! I dont think Id be allowed to do so much if my husband had an idea of what I spent!! Lots doesnt cost money as we handmade lots of things..

  • Party Favors

    Hand Made Peppa Pig Party Blower, Candy Cats lollies, Suzyt Sheep Lolly Pops

  • Best Moment

    Everyone enjoying the peppa pig themed party and having my electric bubble machine blowing 1000's of bubbles all day!! Looked great

  • What People Ate

    Lots of Peppa Pig Themed Food - Georges Jelly Beans, Muddy Puddle Choc Chip Biscuits, Zoe Zebras Terrific Truffles, Peppa Pig Pink Jelly cups, Candy Cats Candy, Pedro Pony Party Rings, Polly Parrot PopcornSuzy Sheep Sweet Heart Lolly Pops, Freddys Fruit Platter, Grandma & Grandpa Pig Tea Cups, Rebecca Rabbit Crisps, emily Elephants Fairy Bread

  • What People Drank

    Peppa Pig Pop Tops and wendy Wolf Water


Party Helpers

  • Lisa Wilson




  • Rachel A

    Rachel A wrote:

    your labels did you just make yourslef and print off

  • Karen W

    Karen W wrote:

    yep googled the pictures then made up names that matched?

  • Rachel A

    Rachel A wrote:

    did you just find pictures and print them off at home??

  • Rachel A

    Rachel A wrote:

    the drink labels did you just do same as the food labels?

  • Karen W

    Karen W wrote:

    Yep sure did :) The oval wonky cut ones when in little frames :)

  • Karen W

    Karen W wrote:

    Yep printed the picture, then used a wide packing tape to tape on, Picture on both sides.. Made the picture to the size I wanted.. From google images also :)

  • no photo

    Rachel D wrote:

    Where did you find her adorable tee?

  • Karen W

    Karen W wrote:

    It's actually a tshirt to a pair of pjs.. Purchase from eBay :)