Party Recap

So much fun to represent all of the Disney Princesses in Evie's special day!


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    Sweets Buffet with a treat representing each Princess, home-made cookies and cup cakes.

  • Activities / Games

    Kids colored a large cardboard castle, played Lillypad hop to kiss the frog, Snow White apple toss, Cinderella ballon sweep relay, Princess hunt/trivia.

  • Party Favors

    Home-made cone Princess hats, tutu bags, and scetors.



  • no photo

    Yolanda M wrote:

    these are just gorgeous. Did you purchase them or make them

  • no photo

    Amy H wrote:

    Hi Yolanda. I bought these on Zulily website-they are Heart to Heart brand. Thanks!

  • Beth N

    Beth N wrote:

    Where did you find the castle pattern?

  • no photo

    Amy H wrote:

    Beth, I bought it on Shindigz.com and added the blue myself. Thanks!

  • Jennifer B

    Jennifer B wrote:

    Can I ask how this was made! So Beautiful!!

  • Kristina M

    Kristina M wrote:

    So pretty!

  • no photo

    Purvi T wrote:

    very nice party. where did you find these princess menu card? thanks.

  • no photo

    Theresa G wrote:

    Where did you get the cutouts for the food etc.?

  • no photo

    Kelly C wrote:

    what are the white bubbles made of?? Need to duplicate this scene for my nieces party :)

  • Jean M

    Jean M wrote:

    How did you make the party bags, they are too cute!

  • Candice P

    Candice P wrote:

    i believe these are tissue pom poms and held together with a dowel? would like to know

  • no photo

    Sue B wrote:

    How did you make the castle? Was it freehand or ?? Love it!

  • no photo

    Amy H wrote:

    I got the castle cutout on Shindigz.com and added the blue accents:)

  • no photo

    Amy M wrote:

    Is it possible to find out where the table princesses were printed?

  • no photo

    Amy H wrote:

    The princesses were from a Disney Princess Paperdoll book that I punched out and taped onto cardboard to stand up:)

  • no photo

    Amy M wrote:

    They are so cute! Still have them and want to sell them by chance? :)

  • no photo

    Amy M wrote:

    Or do you remember what book?