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Evan's 1st Birthday BLAST!

no photo By Melissa T  in Birthday


Party Recap

Evan's 1st birthday was truly OUT OF THIS WORLD! It's so much fun to get creative. Enjoy the pics :-)


Party Highlights

  • Best Dressed

    Evan...our little astronaut!

  • Desserts

    Sweets from Evan's Space treats candy table!

  • Activities / Games

    Painting table, caricaturist, bounce house, Space girl played games with the kiddies, bubbles

  • Budget

    who knows!

  • Best Moment

    having everything come together...perfect execution...perfect party!

  • What People Ate

    Burgers, hotdogs and homemade cooking by grandma!

  • What People Drank

    juice, soda and water in NASA themed water bottles.

  • Most Touching Moment

    When we announced that baby #2 was on the way!

  • Funniest Moment

    Evan's expression during his grand entrance!



  • N P

    N P wrote:

    You did a great job with this party! Loved the play on candies and treats (milky way and moon pies) that was super cute! I could almost hear the cheers thru the pics of his grand entrance, job well done!

  • no photo

    Melissa T wrote:

    Thanks Natokwa! It was so much fun to do it for such a great big boy!:-)

  • Just Imagine It  S

    Just Imagine It S wrote:

    wow, this party is amazing ...I LOVE IT!!!!!

  • no photo

    Nuridys R wrote:

    Melissa....OUTSTANDING JOB!!! please tell me about goodie bag heaven. I cannot find that site.

  • no photo

    Melissa T wrote:

    Hi Nuridys, Thanks for the compliments! "Goodie bag heaven" was where one of my guests said the goodie bags came from since they were super stuffed with goodies! Actually, my husband embroidered the bags at work....there is no such site.

  • Christy P

    Christy P wrote:

    AWESOME party! I absolutely love the cake! Can you tell me, are the planets and rocket actually cake as well, or what are they made of? Thanks so much! :)

  • no photo

    Gisell G wrote:

    really cute

  • no photo

    Gisell G wrote:

  • no photo

    Gisell G wrote:

  • no photo

    Melissa T wrote:

    THANK YOU! :-)