Party Recap

There was no question what the theme would be for Ethan's 6th Birthday. He is so into Star Wars and Lego's....we had to combine the two. He had seen the Lego Star Wars movie that came out about the time the new version of the Star Wars movies came out....that is the Star Wars he loves!

He was very specific about what he wanted this year. All boys. Lightsabers. Cake. Jumpy. No problem.

He said multiple times that day "This is the best day EVER!!"...that made it all worth it.


Make your own lightsaber - We collected toilet paper rolls and purchased the long skinny balloons that are used to make balloon animals. My husband blew them up (using a small hand pump) and the kids inserted the balloon into the rolls that they decorated with. They LOVED this and made a ton of light sabers.

Jedi Training - After they had lots of lightsabers, they went into the bounce house and had "secret" jedi training. The kids had a blast and since the lightsabers were balloons, no one got hurt. Some kids used their lightsabers to "attack" the bubbles from the bubble machine.

Lego Han Solo in Carbonite Standee - My husband made a standee and we took pictures of kids in it. It was a huge hit and cost almost nothing!

Decorations: Kept this simple. Got lots of blue, black, and silver balloons. I made a small Lego Han Solo in Carbonite to decorate the table. My son made the utensil holder from legos we had at home. We washed the legos and he just started building. We didn't plan for enough and had to wash more. It was cool and he loved being a part of the process.

Goodie Bags: This is my favorite part of a party. I always want to give the kids something they will use or eat. I don't like to buy the questionable trinkets.

This year I created a sticker that was inspired by R2D2. We printed them and stuck them on a white paper bag. I also made chocolate hans solo in carbonite and chocolate legos (I got the molds online). These were a huge hit. We had the extras on the table at the party and they were eaten up in no time!

My favorite item in the bad was a notebook. I made the notebook in a photo editing program by finding an image of a lego set. I then added the wording to look like real lego sets but with our words. I downloaded a free font to add to the realistic look. I then printed the images on card stock, used a piece of card stock for the back and copy paper for the middle. I clamped the notebooks and used a glue to adhere the top. Once dry, they looked like real notebooks.


Party Highlights

  • Best Dressed

    A few kids dressed in Star Wars cosumes.

  • Desserts

    Birthday cake of course!

  • Activities / Games

    Make your own lightsaber, jedi training, and pictures in a standee.

  • Party Favors

    R2D2 bag with lego chocolates, han solo in carbonite chocolates, homemade notebooks, and an ice pop holder that looks like the hilt of a lightsaber.

  • Best Moment

    When Ethan told me this was the best day EVER. It just melted my heart and made all the preparation worth every minute!

  • What People Ate

    Birthday boy asked for Pizza and juice...that is what we had!

  • What People Drank

    Juice, tea, and water


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