Party Recap

This was a new party theme that I recently did for my nephew's 3rd birthday. Since there are no Toopy and Binoo party supplies I had to make all my own decorations and games. It was a challenge but SO much fun. I think everything turned out great and the kids and parents all had a great time!



Party Highlights

  • Activities / Games

    Because the kids at this party were so young I had to choose activities that they could do without much adult supervision. The first thing we made were Binoo's Friendship Bracelets out of chunky foam beads and plastic lace. Next, we made Toopy and Binoo Maracas out of empty water bottles. I found this activity online and printed off the covers. We added beans, pasta and rice and hot glued the lid on. This was a big hit! The final activity we did was Toopy's Cupcake Decorating station where everyone had their own cup of icing and various gummies and small candies to put on top. This was messy but loads of fun. We also played several games.... Patchy Patch's Ball Toss, Binoo's Bean Bag Toss and Toopy's Bottle Bust. At every game, each child won a prize to put in their loot bucket.

  • Party Favors

    Bubbles, Magnifying Glass, sports ball, star shaped sunglasses, parachute man, playdoh, animal scratch-off, Sports bottle, bag of Goldfish crackers and small candies.


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