Emerald's Under the Sea Mermaid 3rd Birthday Party

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Party Recap

“My daughter Emerald loves the Little Mermaid and Nemo. As an Event Designer I wanted to create the underwater world that she loved, but with a unique twist and sophisticated decor elements. I knew that keeping the color palette pretty narrow, blues and greens, with white, would be the key to the elegance of the party. I used Pinterest and multiple what I call “scouting” trips out in the market for about 9 months to source materials to pull together my look. Handcrafted items are a natural in making any party stand out. It takes more time, but in the end you’ll have a conversation worthy work of art as part of your memories to share with family and friends for years to come.

Party Highlights:
The Sheer Bliss Chiffon Fabric Chandelier, this piece was truly a labor of love. I absolutely adore sheer fabric and after looking for a pretty piece on Etsy that suited my fancy, I decided to make my own. Light and floaty, the chiffon circles offer a dreamlike aesthetic, and certainly transport you to a different place. I liken it to what it must be like to make a quilt- with each circle I added ( and there were tons) I was building something great! I saw a lot of jellyfish decor out there, but I really wanted a sophisticated touch, and after shopping for supplies at several stores I knew that I could craft and then offer in my Etsy shop for others going for the same look. The great thing is that it can be used in a nursery, baby shower, or wedding!!

-DIY Dessert Table Tissue Paper Backdrop, the backdrop was inspired by a DIY project from www.ohhappyday.com.

-Invites: I created the design on Publisher and printed myself on pre-boxed plain wedding invites. The border had a satin/pearl finish which played into the theme quite nicely.

-DIY Crystal trimmed Mirrored Servers on Dessert Table: I used inexpensive crystals to line the edges of all of the mirrors that the cookies were served on. It transformed ordinary, to “phenomenal”!


-I used lots of clear acrylic risers on the dessert table to add visual interest with varying heights, and to make the desserts appear like they were floating underwater.


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Pasta Sea Shells and Meat Sauce, Salad, and Rolls

  • What People Drank

    Blue Sea Punch

  • Best Moment

    When Emerald began to twirl and spin in her party dress.....totally unprompted. Loved capturing those shots.

  • Most Touching Moment

    When Emerald ran to greet and hug one of her school friends as she entered the party....priceless!!

  • Best Dressed

    The party girl Emerald in her light aqua mermaid dress and sparkly glitter shoes! A Mermaid Princess for sure!

  • Desserts

    Dessert Bar featuring cupcakes, cotton candy, rock candy, gumballs, sixlets, donuts, and a ruffle cake!

  • Party Favors

    Lots of candy from the Dessert Bar

  • Activities / Games

    Musical Chairs, DIY Fishy Kit

  • Budget



Party Helpers

  • Jazmin Peterson


    Her help was invaluable.....could have not pulled off without her!!!! She helped me prep and pack the day before the party.



  • Eboness B

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  • K Imberly A

    K Imberly A wrote:

    wow! i love this backdrop! How did you do it?!

  • Eboness B

    Eboness B wrote:

    Hi Kimberly! Thanks- it was a DIY tutorial, here's the link: http://www.inspirasisongketaffairs.com/2013/06/creative-tuesdays-diy-tssue-paper.html . I tried using dbl sided tape but they kept falling off, I used Hot Glue and moved like lightning with a helper. Probably an 6-8hr job total.....did it in 3 parts.