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Emelia's Magical Fairy Garden Party

Amy W By Amy W  in Birthday


Party Recap

This was probably the most magical party I have ever thrown for my daughter. We had such a fun time searching for fairy treasure, making fairy gardens and saying wishes in our Fairy jars.


Party Helpers



  • Kim T

    Kim T wrote:

    What a great idea!! Love it! So creative!

  • Diane L

    Diane L wrote:

    The fairy garden one is pretty cool. What did they put in their terra cotta saucers besides flowers? I do see the one bird house, but what else. I want to save it incase my son has a daughter one day.

  • Amy W

    Amy W wrote:

    HI Diane, We added wooden fairy houses that I added a batter operated tea light inside. Then they could decorate it any other way. I had various items like stones with words on them, gems, butterflies, sea shells, birds nest. Then they sprinkled it with magic glitter fairy dust to attract the fairies to their garden. All the kids loved it!

  • Maggie D

    Maggie D wrote:

    Hi Amy, How did you make the fairy jar? Thanks so much!

  • Amy W

    Amy W wrote:

    Hi Maggie, They are really easy to make. How to make: Fairy Wishing Jars Take a jar.. (I used mason jars) purchase glow in the dark puffy paint and make dabs inside using a paint brush all over. I used different colors and also made some really big clusters and small clusters. Then I took a fine glitter and sprinkled a little bit inside the jar, before it was completely dry. It takes a long time to dry so doing these the day of the party is not a good Idea. Next I put a small ball that glows in the dark inside. tied a string around it, a poem and a key. I have a Blog you can see more:

  • Maggie D

    Maggie D wrote:

    Thank you so much!! My daughter is going to be thrilled!!

  • Kelly L

    Kelly L wrote:

    I have a 7 year old named Emelia and I have never seen anyone else spell it that way! Cute party too! :)

  • Amy W

    Amy W wrote:

    That is so awesome Kelly. I haven't seen anyone spell it that way either. Very cool! My Emelia will be turning 10 this May.... time flies!!

  • no photo

    Ella B wrote:

    Love these ideas! Where did you find your terracotta saucers? I've been searching for some that are reasonably priced. Thanks!