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A First Birthday Farmers Market Celebration

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Party Recap

This past Saturday we celebrated my son, Easton's first birthday with a Farmers Market birthday bash! The theme was so fun and fitting for my little guy. He truly is the sweetest and he sure does love his veggies, especially carrots!

I designed all of the decor to have an iconic farm fresh look and feel…lots of red gingham, woodgrain, burlap, and of course, fruits, veggies and sunflowers!

We made Easton’s Market so all of the kids at the party could play and have fun. We used two apple crates nailed together for the base, and then just added two pieces of wood on the sides and the sign on the top. We spray painted it white and added the red stencils. It was pretty easy to make and all of the little ones seemed to love it! It was the perfect height for Easton too!

We made the U-PICK produce stand so all of the guests at the party could literally go shopping at the market! The produce stand was filled with fresh fruits and vegetables and even Kix corn for the little ones!

We made the U-PICK produce sign out of an old palette. A little wood stain and stencils did the trick nicely!

I loved incorporating a vintage library card catalog as a part of the stand too. The different drawers held all of the fresh spices in a really unique way.

Bella Christie and Lil’ Z’s Sweet Boutique in Pittsburgh, PA is absolutely AMAZING!! I still cannot get over this incredible apple crate cake they made! The details in the texture and colors of the fondant fruit and veggies was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. A few people at the party didn’t even know it was a cake it was so realistic!

Also, Easton’s little carrot smash cake was so perfect! They also made adorable (and delicious!) fruit and veggie cookies that matched the farmers market theme so well.

I also created a special sign that sat next to the cake. It said:

Today is my special day,
But I'm still so young, you see...
So please blow out a candle
And make a wish for me!
Love, Easton

Since Easton was too young to blow out his own candle, we asked all of our guests to blow out a candle and make a wish for him as they enjoyed their cake!

We showcased 12 photos of Easton on rulers attached to a bale of hay as a way to look back at the past 12 months as Easton has grown from a tiny bean sprout to the little pumpkin he is today!

Along with their bag of produce from the U-PICK stand, all of our guests also took home fresh jam and cookies. All of the kids were also given crayons in the shapes of fruits and vegetables. They were so cute!

TaterTats: We all had so much fun with the Tater Tats at the party! These fruit and veggie temporary tattoos are so great! They are also a wonderful company with 10% of all sales going to help support farms. Easton had to wear his favorite, a carrot!

All paper goods: Just Add Confetti Party Printables

Photography: Jen of Rose Photography

Apple crate cake, carrot smash cake and cookies: Bella Christie and Lil’ Z’s Sweet Boutique

Easton’s bow tie and suspender set: Willow Rayne Designs

Easton’s “1” bib: Buds n Branches

Fruit and Vegetable crayons: Red Elm Designs


Party Helpers

  • Jen Rose


    My incredibly talented friend, Jen, of Rose Photography captured all of the sweet moments from the day. She is amazing!

  • Just Add Confetti

    Paper Goods

    All paper goods were designed by myself. You can find all of the party printables in my shop, Just Add Confetti Party Printables


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