Party Recap

It was for my 31st birthday. Basically, I saw a guy wearing a t-shirt with an Indian man on an elephant running along with a cowboy on horseback and said to myself, that's it! I had video screens playing clips from old westerns and dance scenes from Bollywood films. I never had birthday parties growing up really so am making up for it with my long awaited cowboys and Indians party now. I had a TON of fun!

Unfortunately, I didn't even think to take pictures until the very last second, so they aren't highest quality. I am currently planning my party for this year. I'll have better pictures this go round. It is gonna be ridiculous!


Party Highlights

  • Party Favors

    Cowboy hats and sheriff badges. Stick on bendi.

  • Budget

    Roughly $300

  • What People Ate

    My baker friend always bakes themed cookies for my present. There were cowprint sugar cookies, hummus with lavash cut into elephant shapes, I think tandoori chicken, I forget. It's been a year.

  • Best Dressed

    It is like pulling teeth to get people to dress up for these things. I have noticed that people are dressing up more and more though. I was probably the best dressed. I had three outfits throughout the evening. This year people have already started planning their outfits. If you offer a prize, people seem to try harder I've learned.


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