Party Recap


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Meatballs w/sauce, veggies & dip, fruit, mini quiches

  • What People Drank


  • Desserts


  • Party Favors

    Lip Balm & chocolates

  • Activities / Games

    Price Is Right game; Celebrity Baby Face

  • Price Is Right Game

    Variety of baby products with hidden retail prices in their name cards. Teams had to guess the actual retail price of the items. The teams closest to the register total won. There were two moms being showered so we split into 2 teams. The winning team members won a prize and the mom won all of the items. The other mom was treated to the same basket at the end of the shower.

  • Celebrity Baby Face Game

    There were a dozen celebrities whose faces I photoshopped onto baby bodies. They were put on the walls all over the house. The guests had to find and identify each. The person who guessed the most won. There was a tie so I broke the tie by asking what the celebrities had in common - they were all Canadian.



  • Anna S

    Anna S wrote:

    love the red fish did you make them or purchase them somewhere? I would like to get some

  • no photo

    Merisa B wrote:

    I made them. I just printed them on red cardstock, cut them out and traced the other side of the fish with black marker (to match the print marks) so it looked the same on either side if it spun. It was really quick and easy to do.

  • Kayla E

    Kayla E wrote:

    AWWWWW, where did you get those!!

  • no photo

    Merisa B wrote:

    I made them from red cardstock. Just printed direct to the cardstock, cut them out and used fishing line to attach them to the chandelier.

  • Kayla E

    Kayla E wrote:

    What kind of games are these

  • no photo

    Merisa B wrote:

    There are two games in there. The first was a celebrity baby face game. I photoshopped a bunch of celebrity faces on baby bodies (actors, sports, politicians...). The photos were put up all over the main floor and guests wrote down who they thought each person was. In case of a tie, I had a question related to the game. In this case, the question was what each celebrity had in common, the answer was that they were all Canadian. The second game was a Price is Right game. I had a table of baby items with sealed name cards (with the real prices inside) to identify them. The guests were split into 2 groups. Each group had to list the retail price of each item, then provide the total. The group closest to the actual retail price all won prizes.

  • no photo

    Merisa B wrote:

    Forgot to add, since this was a double shower, each mom to be was the leader of a team and, if her team won, she got to keep all of the baby supplies. I did make a duplicate basket of goodies for the other mom that I slipped to her before she left.

  • no photo

    Jodie C wrote:

    Where did you get the artwork for the fish? I have searched everywhere and can't find that fish! It's adorable!