Party Recap

The day my daughter told me she wanted a Dora birthday party I thought, ok how can I make this party different than just the basic Dora. So I thought Dora and her stuffed animals she loves them both so why not. It was everything she and I had hoped for. I had a budget and I went shopping. The morning b-day girl woke up and saw her decorations and tables her face was everything I had hoped for. The guest arrived and we ate and than, "OH NO, Swiper swiped the ice cream cones!" So after giving the kids their goodie bags and they opened their maps we went on our scavenger hunt. Starting at Grumpy Old Troll's bridge, than the chocolate tree, than the star lalipaw suckers than rescuing the ice cream cones. Once the kids found them we headed inside for b-day girls candle blowing and ice cream. Than of course what's a party without presents. Until next year... :)


Party Highlights

  • Best Moment

    When my daughter walked in the kitchen that morning and saw all of her decorations.

  • Funniest Moment

    When all the kids found the ice cream cones in the freezer.

  • Most Touching Moment

    When we sang happy birthday to our daughter and she closed her eyes and grinned and tilted her head ass we sang.

  • Best Dressed

    Birthday Girl always!

  • Desserts

    Cake, Ice cream, Mint Chocolate Oreo's, Jungle Marsh mellow pops Diego animal crackers and Baboon sticks (Pixie sticks).

  • Party Favors

    Girls got Dora bubbles, a baby jaguar mask, a Dora miniature camera, a Dora lip gloss bracelet, Dora coloring page with Dora crayons. Older Boys each got binoculers, A coloring page with crayons, bubbles, and a baby jaguar mask. Babies got a baby jaguar hard plastic figurine, a baby jaguar mask and coloring page with crayons.

  • Activities / Games

    Kids had to start at the Grumpy Old Troll's bridge and before they could cross had to solve his riddle. Next, was the Chocolate Tree and they had to sing the chocolate song as they pretended to mix the chocolate with their arms. Third was the star lalipaw suckers they had to grab one and place in their bags and the Final clue was finding the ice cream cones Swiper swiped.

  • Budget


  • What People Ate

    Map string cheese, Benny's Fruit skewers, Tico's Taquita's, Baby Jaguar's Jungle Burger's, and Broccoli pasta salad.

  • What People Drank

    Sweet Tea, Jungle Juice, bottle water, and Kiwi Strawberry Caprisun.


Party Helpers

  • The Sweetest Day

    Cake designer

  • Marizette Paperie


    She designed the 16x20 Picture frame banner, Thank You cards, and Happy 3rd Birthday with name banner.http://Etsy

  • Great-Aunt Sherry

    Cupcake baker

    She designed and made the Diego and Baby Jaguar cupcakes.http://Nick Jr.com

  • Mommy


    I found 97% of my items either from the goodwill, help center or Dollar Tree. I suggest if you do go this route which saved me a ton of money and was fun start shopping 3 months in advance. I started in July. The other 3% I either made by hand or already had.

  • Jen Oaks


    The invites, napkin holders, food labels, Party favor tags, and water bottle labels. http://Masterpiecedesign on Etsy

  • Ebay


    I purchased her two balloons brand new for $5.00 and no shipping.

  • Party City

    Party Favors

    I purchased the mini Dora camera's and crayons from there for the girls bags. I was amazed .35 and .49 cents. Happy mama.



  • no photo

    Lisa S wrote:

    what a adorable party everthinglooks great I wanted to ask if you would be willing to sell your party deocrations can you please email me at vontavia_jones@yahoo.com thanks

  • Amanda K

    Amanda K wrote:

    Thank You so much Lisa. I might be willing to sell some things but all depends on what you are interested in. I will e-mail you at this website and we can take it from there. :) Amanda

  • Amanda K

    Amanda K wrote:

    I meant e-mail sorry :)

  • Sk H

    Sk H wrote:

    you did a great job on him!

  • Sk H

    Sk H wrote:

    did you end up using any of the printables I sent ya? your party looks fantastic btw!

  • Amanda K

    Amanda K wrote:

    Thank You SK H :) And yes I printed out all the characters and than glued them on my printable food name tags. Turned out great! Thank You again for them! And thanks for the sweet comment. I had a lot of fun planning and decorating for her party.