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Doctor vs Nurse Baby Shower

Candles and Favors By Candles and Favors  in Baby Shower


Party Recap

Don't we want our children to grow up and be a Doctor or a Nurse? This is a cute baby shower theme for the children that did become a Doctor or a Nurse. The baby shower was filled with cute ideas on throwing a medical theme baby shower. You can also have this as a gender reveal party as well.

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Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    Heart Shape Red Velvet Cake, Lady Finger Band-Aids, Marshmallows, Chocolate Wafer Thermometers, Hershey Kisses

  • Party Favors

    Hand Sanitizers, Life-Savor Mint Tins, Personalized Notebooks, Smarty Pants Candy Jar


Party Helpers

  • Lisa and Kelly

    Party Planners



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    Pauperdoll * wrote:

    As adorable as this party is, it's a tad bit sexist.

  • Candles and Favors

    Candles and Favors wrote:

    Hi Pauperdoll....we appreciate your compliment.. We also agree with you 100%. That is why on our website we offer the Doctor set for baby girls and the Nurse set for baby boys. Also in both sets we offer Caucasian, African American, Asian and Hispanic ethnicities. The table we created was stereotyped, we agree...However, we encourage both genders to go after their dreams... Thank you - hope you don't feel we are still "sexist" :-)

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    Kathy M wrote:

    I am a female surgeon planning a baby shower for another female surgeon. I was initially very excited to see a medical themed party. I was shortly thereafter incredibly disappointed. Why is the boy baby automatically a doctor and the girl baby a nurse????? What century are we in? COME ON!

  • Candles and Favors

    Candles and Favors wrote:

    Hi Kathy, we love this new medical theme baby shower. We understand your concerns. That's why if you go to our website you would see that we offer the boy and girl as a doctor and nurse. This party was styled for a customer who wanted it as shown. Thank you

  • no photo

    Helen M wrote:

    Great that the party supply store has doctor options for girls - but why go for the outdated stereotype in the example? This whole scene makes my skin crawl a little.

  • Jul P

    Jul P wrote:

    I see your above comments and that's all well and good but you're still promoting this stereotye by having this as your base picture. I am a girl and a doctor and this feels a lot like when I walk into a room and announce myself as the doctor and the patient goes, "o the nurse is here!". It doesn't matter if I have doctor tattooed on my forehead, the default is still female = nurse. But here's the good news, YOU can help with this stereotype. Maybe don't offer this as an option at all? Or it can only be bought as doctor for both genders or nurse for both genders. I found this bc one of the mom's on the fb page physician mom's group posted it, we are 70k strong and you can guess at the response to this picture. I see comments back as far as 2014 and yet four years later this is still an option?