Party Recap

We threw a dinosaur themed party for our daughter's 2nd birthday. With the guests being so young, we set up different activities instead of games for the children and just let them play. We don't have a sandpit so I made a big calico mat for a dinosaur sandpit. I cut the edge to make it look a bit leafy. I thought the mat made it a bit of a special spot (and would make it easier to clean up after the party!) We had a playdough table with dinosaur cookie cutters and the cubby now fully equipped with all sorts of great kitchen appliances and miniature food that she received for her birthday. I made a leafy planet pinata with hanging dinosaurs "buried" underground as the final activity.

Being almost easter there were a lot of eggs around. We filled the pinata with plastic eggs filled with a few lollies some plastic dinosaurs and sheets of dinosaur stickers.

Some of the themed food on the menu;
Cheese and vegemite stegosaurus puffs.
Cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches.
A dinosaur cake.

I have given out biscuits as lollie bags for a few parties now. I Generally over do it with lollies on the cake so I don't think a bag of them to take home as well is a great idea. These dinos in a bag were definitely the best yet. I had never iced a biscuit before. What fun! I read somewhere to make the icing a bit wetter and paint it on. This worked out really well.


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