Dane's Curious George Birthday Party

Megan C By Megan C  in Birthday


Party Recap



  • Sarah W

    Sarah W wrote:

    do you still have these painted wooded props that you would like to sell?

  • Quianna S

    Quianna S wrote:

    Yes do you still have the game and the george...

  • Gina M

    Gina M wrote:

    Is that cardboard? What paint did you use? Is beautiful.... I want to try drawing it for my son's 1st party in December :❤️

  • no photo

    Caitlyn M wrote:

    Looking for tips how to create the george face cut out photo prop. Is it plywood. How did you get it to stand.

  • Megan M

    Megan M wrote:

    Can you please share the directions on how you created this wonderful photo prop?! I'd love to use the same thing for my son's birthday.

  • no photo

    R G wrote:

    how did you make this?