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Party Recap

It’s the COOLEST party for girls ever! Glamping is Glamorous Camping for girls that you could have indoors or outdoors…depending on the weather. It’s carefree, outdoorsy and super cute. It’s glam and pink and girly too! We were over the moon when Sophia chose this theme for her 6th birthday party. It was the perfect excuse to get to work in pink and a splatter of gold glitter, and all the cutest detail we could muster for the GLAMPING scene! It’s all about pink, a smatter of gold glitter, a s’mores bar (any excuse will do), donuts, cupcakes and a pretty, rustic camping cake.
Start with a gorgeous invitation. The one we have shows that starry, starry night, a pink tee-pee that is naturally decorated with glitter, a heart and party banners and some pine trees and outdoorsy logs. Like ALL the printables in this set, you can download instantly ( , edit easily and print at home or at your local print shop. Done and glitter-dusted!

For the desert table we have made it up with a number of different elements that are a feast for the eyes. Birthday banners, a S’mores Bar, cupcakes with pink glitter wrappers, delicious treats with glamping-worthy labels, rustic decor details and there you have it! For this cake look, I created a rustic lemon vanilla cake with ‘dirty’ icing to add that ‘outdoorsy’ feel. Our pretty, pink tent cake topper matches the invitation and there are some fabulous campfire flames too. We added some chocolate logs for your flames, some rustic fir or pine branches, and sticks to string a mini banner across. Soooooper-cute!
The pendant banner alternates pastel blue, gold glitter and super pink. Then, the editable banner can be used for a name or ‘Happy Birthday’ message. A banner always turns your decor into something super festive!
No self-respecting camping / campout or glamping party is complete without a S’mores bar. Label the jars in glamping style and fill some glass jars with your Graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows, with your handy sticks for making your melt-in-the-mouth S’more.

Even ‘though you’re glamping, you’re still making your way in the great outdoors, and no-one wants to get lost when there are bears out there. We wanted to make sure everyone knows where they are and where they need to go with these Glamping party signage printables – editable, of course!

We used food labels to creatively label our Glamping food supplies with outdoor related camping names.
You can see how ALL the girls would love this party favor! Glow sticks threaded through the editable ‘Thank-You’ tags are a GREAT idea!
We made small tee-pees in the garden, from wooden frames, draped with fabric, with throws and cushions inside to make each one super comfy and cosy. Glam and girly, all in the great outdoors! When it comes to activities, there is SO much you can do depending on your party girl’s preferences! You could stay with the ‘glam’ part of the theme and have a face painting, jewellery making or nail bar station. Or go a little more ‘rugged’ and play some awesome old-fashioned games such as tug-o-war or potato sack racing.
Sophia LOVED this party and will remember it forever!


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    S'mores, sweets and some savory snacks.

  • What People Drank

    Pink Lemonade

  • Desserts

    Lemon Buttercream Sponge Cake

  • Party Favors

    Glow Sticks

  • Activities / Games

    Glamping obstacle course and nail painting


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