Party Recap

Sweet First Birthday! The theme was cupcakes and polkadots. I made all of the fake "cupcakes" with spray insulation and spackle, these are actually my girls Christmas decorations, if you put an alligator clip on the bottom they will clip onto your tree.

The tissue poms are made from polkadot napkins.

The vases are from the Dollar Tree, I printed out the birthday girl's picture on vellum and wrapped around the vase. These look stunning when you put a candle inside. Since the party was in the afternoon, I opted for flowers.



  • Angela P

    Angela P wrote:

    love it! how did you make this?

  • Tammy M

    Tammy M wrote:

    It is a dollar tree vase, I printed the photo on vellum paper (8.5x11) you can buy a pack at Michaels or individual sheets). Sit aside for a few minutes to let the ink dry, then cut to size, it is about an inch difference at the top & bottom. Then wrap around the vase and secure with transparent tape. If you tape the two ends of the paper together, you can slide it off the vase. If you don't want to use vellum, it works with regular computer paper too. I did these one year for Christmas gifts, and put a candle inside, soooo pretty!

  • no photo

    Lizette Z wrote:

    What kind of software program did you use to make these kinds of signs?

  • Tammy M

    Tammy M wrote:

    Hi Lizette, I use photoshop, but you can use powerpoint also. If you use powerpoint, under "format", text effects, transform, warp, square. This will keep your text uniform when changing fonts. Hope this helps ;-)

  • no photo

    Erin C wrote:

    Love this idea! I am planning my daughters 1st birthday which will be cupcake theme. I am doing a candy bar and am going to use this idea for the candy bar vases.

  • Tammy M

    Tammy M wrote:

    Erin, that is going to be so lovely! What a wonderful idea!

  • Valerie E

    Valerie E wrote:

    I want that Happy first birthday bella sign.. so cute!

  • no photo

    Margee C wrote:

    I absolutely love your party decor and invites! Did you make your own invites or did you order them from somewhere? If so can you share b/c I would love to use these for my little girl's first birthday.