Party Recap

Sicily celebrated her 8th birthday Mad Hatter style. We used a mixture of the original storybook and Tim Burton's movie for the theme, style, and decor.

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Party Highlights

  • Activities / Games

    The guests made their own mini TOP HATs.

  • Best Dressed

    The Red Queen - home made costume

  • Desserts

    a two tier cake with a bundt cake on top and fondant balls hanging from the top with red and white roses

  • Party Favors


  • What People Ate

    We served MINI FOOD such as mac & cheese on ceramic spoons, pigs in a blanket on a stick in wheat grass, and spaghetti with a meatball on top and some grated cheese with a mini fork in it.

  • What People Drank

    Pink lemonade in different teacups


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