Cormac's 3rd Yo Gabba Gabba Birthday!

Kenna O By Kenna O  in Birthday


Party Recap

This party was born out of my son's LOVE of all things Yo Gabba Gabba. Once I started tuning in with him (it's hard NOT to!) I realized with all the color and fun the show had, it would make for one really great party for a bunch of 3 year olds! We had games, a pinata and even a time for some dancin' YGG style! I had to keep this party on a major budget since we were also remodeling our house at the time, so it was to date, the most mellow and inexpensive party I think I've ever thrown. I relied on the loads of color we already own in a lot of our decor, and the fact that we'd just dressed up as 4 of the characters from YGG for Halloween 3 months earlier. We kept it simple with hot dogs, chili and a homemade color layer cake and cupcakes!


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    Cake, cupcakes, sugar cookies

  • Party Favors

    cookies and pinata loot

  • Activities / Games

    Pin the Food on Brobee's Tummy, pinata

  • Budget


  • What People Ate

    Hot dogs & chili

  • What People Drank




  • Elexa G

    Elexa G wrote:

    I'm in love with your party! My son is turning a year on June 6th so I'm trying to plan out his birthday and he too is in love with yo gabba gabba but obviously not as much as your son. Haha but anyways my question is when did you start planning? Like how far in advance because I want to make sure I have enough time to try and do the idea you had. I saw a few others on another page but yours by far is my favorite.

  • Kenna O

    Kenna O wrote:

    Hi Elexa! Thank you for the sweet compliment! This was the first party that I did that got my party planning business ideas going. I started planning it about 4 weeks before. Now I start about 3 months before with all of my online shopping, printable designs, etc. YGG is a great theme that's very easy to plan around bc of the bright colors, etc.- you will have a ton of fun. Birthday Express also has a bunch of great branded stuff, fyi. Follow me on fb @

  • no photo

    La Toya G wrote:

    I love everything you did! I would really like to know how did you do them party bags?

  • Devonne D

    Devonne D wrote:

    how did you cut them so perfect? I have been trying and having a rough time