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Colbi's Giraffe Party

Bree H By Bree H  in Birthday


Party Recap

Everything at this party was handmade from the yummy treats and cake stands, to the giant C of flowers and bunting. When my girls said they wanted Colbi's party to be a giraffe theme, I thought it would come off a little baby boy baby shower-ish. So I made sure to use feminine colors that would still go with her theme golden yellow, pink, and turqouise. Not only were the colors a huge hit, so were the homemade treats. We served chocolate dipped marshmallows, chocolate dipped preztel rods, white cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and fondant giraffe faces, giraffe shaped cookies, jelly beans, and two cakes one was strawberry cake with lemon cream filling and the other was Swiss chocolate cake with white chocolate chips baked in and milk chocolate ganache filling. Both cakes were decorated like giraffe faces and I added pink bows for that feminine touch. For the dessert table "menu" and the jelly bean bags I used photoshop and added a giraffe print background to tie into the theme. For the giant C, I originally wanted to use fresh flowers but when I got the cost figure back I decided fake was the way to go. I got lucky and found the flowers I used 50% off at Hobby Lobby! The up side to using the silk flowers was that I could work on it in advance. The fresh flowers would have needed to be done the morning of the party and there is no way I could have got it all done. The silk turned out beautifully! It is sitting on her dresser now, the other perk to fake flowers. The bunting was simply scrapbook paper, a printer, scissors, and brads to match. Simple! Enjoy!


Party Highlights

  • Best Dressed

    The birthday girl, with her big matching hairbow!

  • First To Arrive

    Mimi & Pop

  • Last to Leave

    Amy, Emily, and Hayden

  • Best Moment

    When Colbi couldn't wait until the end of the birthday song to blow out her candles!



  • Robin H

    Robin H wrote:

    HOW did you do that??? I want to make those but I dont know how!

  • Bree H

    Bree H wrote:

    Hi Robin! I normally make everything from scratch, but with these dessert tables it's almost impossible to make all the items from scratch and keep them fresh. So I bought the Pillsbury sugar cookie dough that is in a log sort of shape. This saved me a lot of time. I bought the cutter at a local cake decorating supply shop. If you can't find the cutter at a local store, you can for sure find it online. I also bought Wilton's Yellow cookie icing. Again, I would typically make this from scratch but to save time I used the Wilton. So...add some flour to our premade sugar cookie dough and roll it out fairly thin. Use your cutter to cut the shape. I don't flour my cutters. I like the dough to stick just a little bit so it will stay in the cutter long enough for me to get it from the counter or table on to the cookie sheet. Then I gently press it out of the cutter. Bake the cookies as directed, and let them cool completely. Next microwave the Wilton yellow cookie icing as directed on the back of the bottle and shake it to make it well. Then start with the outline. If you hold it up and away from the cookie it is easier to direct the icing where to go then if you're right over the cookie. Outline all the cookies first so the outline can harden a little bit. Then go back with the same Wilton icing and fill it in. With the Wilton a little bit goes a long way so use a toothpick or small spatula to guide the icing where you want it to go. Let these dry completely. Then I justed a brown edible marker for the spots, feet, and faces. I prefer to use Americolor Gourmet Writer fine tip markers. They can be found online or at any cake decorating supply shop. The cookie icing dries firm so it's easy to color on with the markers. I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.