Claire & Chloe's Peppa Pig Pool Party

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Party Recap

Our Peppa Pig Pool Party - We wanted to share our Irish twins birthday with our family and friends. Claire turned 2 and Chloe turned 1, both July babies. They are 52 weeks apart, and it was special to finally throw them a proper birthday. Their faces light up when they hear and watch anything Peppa Pig related. I wanted to do a flamingo party, because we live in South Florida, but that was shot down quickly when I bought her a plush flamingo doll, and she wouldn't get close to it, and would cry when I showed it to her. So Peppa pig it was. Boy I am so glad it was.

I did the party Planning myself, catered it myself, blew up balloons, did some design for some banners, and cards, did a lot of the crafting, did a lot of amazon shopping, cooking, setting up, and decorating.

Everything but the cotton candy (bags and bows), Birthday Cake, photography and cookies, we did ourselves.

We continue to get many compliments, between the pool, food, and fun bus, everyone had a wonderful time.

It was a lot of work, had many sleepless nights, but we are happy with what we were able to accomplish in under a month.


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    We wanted to keep our food options fun, fresh, and light. Our food was easy to grab and go, portable, finger food, light, and kept in mind that it was brunch time. We opted for a beautiful grazing table. I've been wanting any excuse to have one, and do one, and it was a pinterest goal, and I think we made it happen. Featuring charcuterie, various types of cheese, fresh & dried fruit, hummus, stuffed grape leaves, bread, crostini, crackers, pita chips, nuts, greenery, jellies, and jams, olives. Our theme was Peppa pig, so the irony was there. We had bacon wrapped goat cheese stuffed dates, a charcuterie spread, and endless bacon & pig related food options to tie it all in. We had a donut bar which was a big hit, my father put it together for me the day before the party from items in the wood aisle! A baked potato bar with all the topics. We had cheese pizzas delivered for the kids which always is a big hit for them. We featured a medium rare beef tenderloin as our main dish. Sadly we did not get photos of it, but trust me it was also decadent. We served it with horse radish and had the option of small slider buns, for those who wished to make sliders.

  • What People Drank

    From the usual water, sodas, coffee, and juices, we had a mummy mimosa bar, beer, wine, pink muddled strawberry lemonade, and fresh lemonade for the little ones.

  • Desserts

    For dessert we had so many options, we had our peppa cake, brazilian candy treats, muddy puddles, (chocolate pudding topped with crumbled oreos). Personalized sugar cookies, cotton candy. For the adults we had bacon covered chocolate Bourbon balls, White chocolate Bailey's Irish creme balls, and Rum + Strawberry cake pop balls.

  • Party Favors

    Party Favors - Peppa Pig watering cans, strawberry grow kit, bubbles, rewrapped cookie, peppa sunglasses, peppa crayons, coloring booklet, peppa award medal, little peppa camera, peppa wand, topped with a bow and a custom than you tag.

  • Activities / Games

    We had a pool party and had a lifeguard on site. We removed the baby pool, and since we had so many babies and toddlers, we wanted to make sure someone always had eyes on the pool, and was medically certified incase of a water emergency. We also hired a fun bus. The bus was a hit with the moms and the kids. When they got tired of the water, they went into the bus, or vice versa, they loved being able to have a second option for entertainment. This was a plan B for us since we live in south florida, we get a lot of spontaneous, isolated showers, so it was a beautiful sunny day, and the fun bus was the icing on the cake. We had a lot of toddlers taking very long naps after the party.


Party Helpers

  • Jerry & Nicole Diaz, Gaby (our Au pair)


    My brother, sister and au pair helped me set up, blow balloons, tie balloons, decorate, cook, clean, craft, glue, everything. They were totally an amazing asset to have. We ran on coffee and 2 hours of sleep, but the end result was so worth it.

  • Naomi Phelps


    Naomi from Sweet Memories Photography was amazing at capturing these images. I love her style of shooting, editing, she is amazing and so sweet.

  • Joel

    Cake designer

    Joel From J&D Cakes in Boca Raton, FL. He was a pleasure to work with and brought my ideas to life and made the double birthday double cake vision come true.



  • Marissa M

    Marissa M wrote:

    LOVE how everything came out. You did an amazing job!! Where did you get the peppa watering cans?

  • Marissa M

    Marissa M wrote:

    Love these labels! If you could tell me where you purchased these from that would be great! I'm doing my daughters second birthday with a peppa pig theme as well.

  • Isis O

    Isis O wrote:

    Thank you Marissa. The watering cans were from target. We had bought 1 months ago for our garden, and luckily they went on sale at Target the weeks I was planning their party.. So we snagged them, $3-4 each I believe.. The Labels I found on Etsy. Hope that all helps, if you need more help, let me know.

  • Marissa M

    Marissa M wrote:

    Thanks so much! Could you resend the link for the labels? I wasn't able to pull anything up. Thank you again, beautiful party!