Party Recap

My son just turned 15 and to celebrate we chose his favorite holiday - Christmas! I must say it was quite strange to pull out the Christmas decorations and listen to Christmas music, but it was so much fun! Everyone had a great time!


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    We had hamburgers and hot dogs, but also a ton of Christmas flare - strawberry santas, santa hat brownies, and christmas trees made out of watermellon.

  • What People Drank

    We had grinch punch, ornament drinks, and melted snowflakes

  • Best Dressed

    Everyone dressed in green or red

  • Desserts

    We had cake and lots of different cupcakes



  • no photo

    Debbie M wrote:

    Where o where did u get the ornament shaped punch glasses? I NEED them for my daughter's birthday party on July 25th. Thanks a bunch, Debbie

  • Ida H

    Ida H wrote:

    I bought them at the craft store right after Christmas. They are just plastic christmas ornaments. They might be available - there is lots of fall stuff in the stores already.

  • Jen C

    Jen C wrote:

    I love this idea! Where did you find the ornament "glasses"

  • Ida H

    Ida H wrote:

    Thank you! I just bought big plastic ornaments from the craft store and cleaned them and used a funnel to put juice in them. They were such a huge hit! I'm going to do it for all of my Christmas parties from now on. :)

  • no photo

    Makenna C wrote:

    Just saw these on Pinterest -how cute! What did you use on the bottom to keep them from rolling?

  • Ida H

    Ida H wrote:

    I used gravel on the bottom. I got it at Petco - the fish aquarium gravel. The people had to hold them once they had one, but they didn't mind. I'm going to do it again for some Christmas parties!

  • Holly D

    Holly D wrote:

    This is such a cute idea! Funny!!