Party Recap

I invited the girls to bring a few unwrapped gifts to knock this Christmas chore off their list! Full details at http://dawnypoo.blogspot.com/2011/12/fiesta-fridayreal-party-christmas-gift.html


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate


  • What People Drank

    spiked chocolate milk in glass ornaments


Party Helpers



  • Faith C

    Faith C wrote:

    beautiful. Can you tell me where did you get these glasses and your recipe please. thanks

  • Dawn S

    Dawn S wrote:

    They are glass ornaments! I purchased new ones and removed the hooks, and filled with spiked chocolate milk.

  • Holly D

    Holly D wrote:

    Seriously...this is such a cute idea! Love your whole set up, very creative!

  • no photo

    Chey B wrote:

    I love this idea with the ornaments! Where did you find the plate you have them sitting on?

  • Dawn S

    Dawn S wrote:

    Hi Chey, it is part of Pier 1's Tasting Party, their 9 section tray. I don't know if they still carry it...

  • no photo

    Amy L wrote:

    What is under the ornaments?

  • Dawn S

    Dawn S wrote:

    Hi Amy! They are dry lentil beans

  • Holly W

    Holly W wrote:

    This is just such a great ideas. I have linked into from my page. http://itsastampthing-vicki.blogspot.com/2011/11/occo-christmas-tree-challenge.html#axzz2lJudywy6