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Celebrating Canada Day... Philly Style!

Genevieve  By Genevieve   in Canada Day


Party Recap

A few fun facts... I'm a Canadian chick living in the US! So, I celebrate "Canada Day"! I'm not an American citizen, but I do have a Green Card! (Which btw, NOT EVEN GREEN!!!) I've lived in PA for 11 years, so of course it feels like home, but so does Canada! Trust me, it's a crazy weird feeling! As for my offspring... they're a mixed bunch! Clara was born in France but Niko and Sophie are both American! I know right! Serious rainbow action when it comes to passports! {shaking head!} So, that said, in an effort to further confuse them, Ithis year I decided to host a "Canada Day" party! I had SO MUCH FUN with the design and styling! The entire process transported me back to my childhood! Because I handcrafted every single detail, the list of "projects" is beyond extensive! I'll be adding tutorials all next week! Think of this event as a 4th of July celebration... without the blue!!! HeeHee


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