Party Recap

Guest were asked to wear camo to the party on the invite. The arrived at the Recruitment Office where they received dog tags, headbands, tatoos and face paint. They also guessed the number of army men in a jar. They all were timed individually on the obstacle course. First ran thru 3 tires, under a net, carried a civilian (stuffed animal) up the hill on a sled around a flower bed and back down, carried a plastic army man on a spoon over the river (board over kiddie pool), next jumped off a mini trampoline and popped a geranade in the mine field (water balloon), shoot army guy off of box with nerf gun, go thru gas chamber (tent filled with bubbles from bubble blower). Then they had a chance to get seconds deducted from score if they bounced balls into numbered holes. Other games were: who could fly a plane the farthest, parachute man drop, pin badge on soldier shirt. Walking tacos, nachos and cheese were served in the Mess Hall. Cake was camo inside, with army helmet and grenade on top with Happy Birthday on dog tags. Kids played long after the party with water balloons and playing baseball. They were given treat bags with flashlights and party poppers and helped themselves to the candy bar.
Thanks to this website for all the wonderful ideas! The party was a big hit!


Party Highlights

  • Best Dressed

    Everyone came dressed in camo as asked on invitation

  • Desserts

    Cake and ice cream - (cake was camo inside!), candy bar with various candies and baked goods

  • Activities / Games

    Obstacle course, parachute man drop, airplane races, pin badge on army shirt, guess amount of army guys in jar

  • Party Favors

    Flashlights and treats from candy bar

  • Best Moment

    Obstacle course!

  • What People Ate

    Walking tacos, ham parmasan salad, vegetable tray, nachos and cheese


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