Can you guess who's turning 2? Emma is...that's who!

Candice N By Candice N  in Birthday


Party Recap

My daughter is obessed with Blues Clues and what better way to celebrate her 2nd birthday then to bring her favorite characters to celebrate with her.


Party Highlights

  • Activities / Games

    -Pass the Paw (Hot Potato Dog Style) -Custom made Pin the Smile on Mailbox (big hit) -Personalized blues clues scratch off cards. Whoever scratched off and saw Blue won a prize. -Pinata game-placed a one of a kind swirl lollipop in the pinata. The founder won a price.

  • Budget

    Since Blues Clues party supplies aren't the easiest to come across by I decided to make alot of the supplies myself (cupcake toppers, pom poms, double sided paw prints, cake, cupcakes, pin the smile on mailbow game, blues clues house centerpiece, shovel & pail balloon topiaries, etc) I saved a lot of money. All together with food, beverages, beer and supplies about $500 was spent.

  • Party Favors

    Custom made mailboxs to resemble Mailbox for the show. Each mailbox was stuffed with fruit snacks, candy, Blues Clues stickers, Paw print bubbles, etc. Mailboxes were purchased for Valentines Day from Target and I made the faces.

  • Best Moment

    The breaking of the Pinata was oe of the best highlights. Every kid of able to take a couple of swings at the character herself.



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    Barbara D wrote:

    This party is so cute. Great job : ) How many balls did you have it the ball pit? It looks like they really enjoy that.

  • Candice Marie N

    Candice Marie N wrote:

    Thank you! The ball pit had 500 balls. I purchased them from Walmart in bags of 100.

  • Glenda G

    Glenda G wrote:

    these are super cute!!!

  • Glenda G

    Glenda G wrote:

    how did you make Blue's house? Very cute!

  • Glenda G

    Glenda G wrote:

    Are those foam mouths on the pail and shovel?

  • Candice N

    Candice N wrote:

    @Glenda G..... Thanks soo much. The house was made out of the thick foam paper layered on each other. The faces for shovel & pail were made out of the same foam sheets.