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Ever since her second birthday I get inspired by whatever my Daughter is into at the moment to make sure she enjoys her day.this year I've noticed her interest in the Octonauts but thought it was more of a boy theme although its unisex Cartoons I wanted to bring out the feminine side, Since Octonauts it's about saving under the sea creatures in distress I made up the title of Octonauts save the mermaid, making the birthday girl the mermaid and focusing in having an under the sea vibe. I used fabrics to make sea like background and small decor objects to make the theme pop to life,also made the sea shell chair with card board and wrapped it with fabric. I also made the whole scene small,kids size because I thought the kids would enjoy it more , we made arts and crafts had kids make up a story on a poster on "how the Octonauts saved the mermaid " & let their imagination run free, we had pin the tail on Camille.since it was outdoors they enjoyed a playground with swings and slides as well as riding bikes and scooters. We had favor bags with toys and a candy table ( with blue candy treats) as well as a cotton candy machine.served them BBQ (cookout food) that i knew kids would enjoy cheese burgers, hot dogs , shish kabobs, lemonade, apple juice & Capri sun juices.


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