Party Recap

My son is cuckoo for Star Wars, so we went all out for his 5th Birthday. So much fun making all the decor, naming the food, and we even had R2D2, a Storm Trooper and a Jedi show up for a donation amount that we were able to afford - www.endorbase.org. These folks are GREAT!!!


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    Commander Cody Cupcakes, Cake, Death Star Cake Pops, Wookiee Cookies

  • Activities / Games

    Pass the Death Star (big ball rolled in foil), Pin the Saber on Yoda, Jedi Training Academy, Destroy Darth Vader (pinata)

  • What People Ate

    Veggie Sabers (celery & carrot sticks), Chewbacca's Chips n Spit (Chips & Salsa), Rex Mix (Chex Mix), Darth Dogs (mini bagel dogs), Pizza the Hutt (pizza)

  • What People Drank

    Jawa Juice, Yoda Sodas, Wookiee Waters



  • Rita S

    Rita S wrote:

    Love your cake! I have a Caleb turning 5 soon, and he wants a Star Wars: The Clone Wars birthday party too. Thanks for sharing your party ideas! (Someday in a galaxy far, far away I will learn to master the art of fondant...)

  • Nawel V

    Nawel V wrote:

    Thank you, Rita! My go-to cake lady that I use for all of my parties is incredibly talented! The extent of my talents with baking ends with the cupcakes and cake pops I made. LOL... but I don't step foot near fondant! Good luck with your party! I'm sure your Caleb will have a blast! May the Force be with you as you plan! ;)

  • no photo

    Kristen H wrote: