Party Recap

Every year, my son's Kindergarten teacher does a lesson on {Bugs}.
Yuck! Right? Actually it is really neat.
He learned about the life cycles and habits of bugs. On the last day, Kindergarten celebrates with an entire day dedicated to Bugs! So what is a Party Planning Mom to do...Party with Bugs! It just so happens that I know this super fabulous graphic designer.
It also just so happens she has an amazing designer that was working on a Bug Party. So I present to you....Bug Day! Water Bottle Labels are so cute!
They were perfect for our search for bugs. G McFly found a roach...only a mother could love that! Bug Cutouts were perfect as centerpieces and flags during the Bug Parade! Had to bring a bee box from our family Bee Farm as a prop. Don't worry...no bees! Found the most adorable bugs as treats at the Dollar Store! It was a great day of activities: Bug Juice, Bug Salad, Dirt with Worms, Spiders and Bugs on a Log. Kindergarten is the best. Get your collection from Frog Prince Paperie now!


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Bugs on a log, dirt cups, worms, and insects

  • What People Drank

    bug juice


Party Helpers


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