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Brave Party - Scottish Highland Games - Merida & Friends

Mary Beth N By Mary Beth N  in Birthday


Party Recap

Party was inspired from the Disney Movie Brave. We had a Brave themed party that was great for both boys AND girls.


Party Highlights

  • Best Moment


  • Desserts

    Vanilla Sourcream Cake filled with Raspberry and buttercream frosting

  • Party Favors

    Goodie Bag filled with items, water guns, scottish sash with pin, bear claw necklace

  • Activities / Games

    bean bag toss, archery, water game

  • What People Ate

    Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, potato salads, fruit salad, beans, chips, mini sandwiches, deviled eggs

  • What People Drank




  • Mary Beth N

    Mary Beth N wrote: is whee I got the dress.

  • Christine C

    Christine C wrote:

    Hi! Where did you getthe supplies to make the necklaces? Thanks.

  • Jannet E

    Jannet E wrote:


  • Connie T

    Connie T wrote:

    did you order these from someone else? or did you make them?

  • Jen L

    Jen L wrote:

    This is adorable...wondering where you got the gumballs and printable labels for candy, goodie bag containers and teddy grahams. Also how/where did you get the bean bag toss and make the target for the archery games so that it's suction...thanks! My daughter's Brave party is really soon and need some help!

  • Deana W

    Deana W wrote:

    Where did you find the bears small enough for the cake??

  • no photo

    Elizabeth W wrote:

    I'm curious too if you created these yourself or ordered them... I'm about to do a Brave themed party for my daughter and these would be great... Any advice??

  • Rachal K

    Rachal K wrote:

    Just wondering how you made these???? Did you order from a website or somehow make them yourself! Any input would be great!

  • Mary Beth N

    Mary Beth N wrote:

    I made these myself. my blog is

  • Ivory S

    Ivory S wrote:

    These are amazing! did you make them yourself?? if so how ??