Brandon's 5th Birthday - Police Party

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Party Recap

When my son Brandon decided he wanted a Police themed party I thought I am going to pull this one together. But the more I thought about it the easier it became.
First of all I chose a colour pallet to work with. Blue and white was the obvious choices and to add a splash of colour I was inspired by the police siren and added red.
On arrival each child was given a police outfit to wear - a police vest, handcuffs, gun and holster a police hat and a police badge.
I had 3 stations set up for the boys to enjoy. A Lego building table which had all the City Police goodies laid out, a make a paper policeman table and a fingerprint table. Games we played were a badge and spoon race, cops and robbers (stuck in the mud) and a water balloon game which involved the kids balancing on one leg and throwing the balloons to each other.
We had a very special visit from Anthony the Police Officer who talked to the kids and gave them a tour of his new police car.
The food was all portion controlled so the kids wouldn’t go mad. I used the Paper Eskimo Baking Cups and had lollies, donuts, popcorn and fruit salad in these and then I had single packets of oreos, cheese sticks, milky ways and cheese snakos – all in blue packets of course.
On departure the kids were given a police action figure and a personalised chocolate bars.
Needless to say the kids had a fantastic time and went home loaded with Police Goodies!


Party Highlights

  • Activities / Games

    Badge and Spoon Race, Cops and Robbers and a Water Balloon Game

  • Party Favors

    Each child was given a Police action figure and a personalised chocolate bar

  • Best Moment

    Seeing the kids faces when the policeman walked in was priceless.

  • What People Ate

    Everything was individual portions to make it easy for the boys. The colour scheme was carried to the food so we had blue cheese sticks, blue cheese snacks, milky ways, blue packets of oreos, baking cups filled with fruit salad, popcorn, lollies and donuts.

  • What People Drank

    The kids each had a water bottle with Officer and then their name. There was a water fountain to allow the kids to reful their bottles.


Party Helpers



  • Keanna T

    Keanna T wrote:

    Where did u get the police costumes?

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    Lillian F wrote:

    Where did you get the police costumes?

  • no photo

    Savnit M wrote:

    Where did you get the police costumes/vests?

  • Kalden S

    Kalden S wrote:

    how did you invite an officer to come out?

  • Kalden S

    Kalden S wrote:

    how did you invite an officer to come over?