Party Recap

This baking party consisted of sugar and more sugar!!! Each little girl had a chef hat, an apron that they could decorate, and cupcakes/cookies to decorate! The day was FULL of activities!


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    Cupcakes, cookies, marshmallow pops, rice krispy treats, candies, and chocolate covered Oreo's!

  • Party Favors

    Each guest was sent home with a cupcake box full of their decorated cupcakes, and a separate box for their decorated cookies! They also took home their personalized chef hats and aprons!

  • Activities / Games

    We decorated aprons with embellishments, and spent most of the time playing in frosting!

  • Budget

    The budget for this party was initially set at $200. However, going through the process, things were added. ;)

  • What People Ate

    Since it was a baking themed party, we wanted to have tons of sweets! So SUGAR was the main ingredient!

  • What People Drank

    I had pink, green, and blue juice to match the color scheme! Just a heads up... I didn't buy enough blue. The girls LOVED it!

  • Best Moment

    I think the best moment was when all the guests arrived, and they were so excited to see something fresh and different!

  • Funniest Moment

    The funniest moment of the day was when the host told the girls, "Feel free to get messy!" Frosting ended up on pant legs, cheeks, and the front porch!

  • Most Touching Moment

    The most touching moment was when a little girl walked up to the host (birthday girls mother) and said, "Can we please do this again? This is the best party ever!"

  • Best Dressed

    All the guests were dressed in the cutest hats and aprons!

  • Birthday Baking Bash!

    This is by far, my favorite party that I have designed so far. It made me feel like a little girl all over again!


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