Party Recap

Let's PLAY BALL!!! Benjamin's first birthday was one of my favorites! I was excited to plan my nephew/godson's birthday because it was a change from planning all these "girly" parties for my daughter.

Benny's first word was "ball", so it wasn't too difficult in deciding the perfect theme for his 1st birthday. Everthing about this party was that of an actual baseball game...including the fans! When sending out the invitations, we informed all "Team Benny" fans to wear their favorite baseball attire. The immediate family all wore custom made jerseys that read "Team Benny." The birthday boy wore a custom vintage baseball uniform with a "B" logo.

As guests arrived, they were greeted by a huge vinyl banner that hung over the front of the house...it read "Welcome To Inda Field." (Inda being my nephews last name) They all took their seats on tables decorated with red/blue linens, astro turf, and of course an awesome centerpiece. Everything in these centerpieces were what you would get at a baseball game; cracker jacks, babe ruth chocolate, red vines, peanuts, sunflower seeds, big league chew, and of course a custom "Rookie of the Year: Benjamin" trophy. The party started when my daughter (Team Benny's #1 fan) sang, what was her version, of the star spangled banner. Then, the birthday boy made his appearance and threw the first "pitch." That was the start of the party. Guests enjoyed tacos and bacon wrapped hotdogs from an actual food truck! While they enjoyed the food i walked around the tables yelling "Peanuts, get your peanuts" (LOL-auntie/godmother duties). If they wanted something else besides peanuts, they could make their ways to our concession stands.

We gave the kids baseball hats, inflatable bats and balls to play with in the jumper. Then, came time for the "7th inning stretch." My daughter adorably sang "Take me out to the ball game" and all guests joined in on the song. After that, the kids destroyed the pinata and got their drawstring baseball backpacks filled with goodies.

Then came time to sing happy birthday, we brought out the cake but everyone seemed to be too full from all of the food and concessions that nobody seemed to want any cake lol. So we let the birthday boy have his own fun with the cake...he turned my beautiful cake into a mess!

FInally, the bottom of the 9th inning...it was time for everyone to go home! Some did stay for "overtime" but then that's when the adults got to party! :)


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