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Beauty and the Beast Royal Ball Birthday Party

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Party Recap

This party was an absolute delight to plan and style.

It all began after seeing the venue at Riverstone Resort. The rich colors of the room (golds, blues, reds, etc) gave it a very "royal" feel. After discussing different Princesses with Livia's mom, Candra, we went with Princess Belle as the colors of the room were perfect with the "Beauty and the Beast" colors! The main party colors I used were red (the enchanted rose and Belle's cloak from the movie), light blue (Belle's casual dress), and yellow/gold (Belle's Ball Gown as well as the gold toned decor in the movie). Also since the party was in February, and "Beauty and the Beast" has a winter setting in much of the movie, I knew this would the perfect choice. We also had the pleasure of having a light snow fall during the party itself!

-I created the elegant invitations which set the tone for the party using glitter red cardstock layered with golden yellow cardstock, and then printed the invitation wording design that I created onto a shimmer cardstock using the Thomas Group for printing. I embellished the invitations with rhinestones, a layered cardstock tiara in blue tones which was also accented with a rhinestone. After assembling the main part of the invitation, I also cut a cardstock 3 and layered it onto golden yellow cardstock atop the red glitter cardstock. I used a lovely glittery gold ribbon to attach it to the invitation.

Tables & Centerpieces:
-There were 5 tables for seating. I purchased light blue tablecloths which I placed over an ivory floor length tablecloth (compliments of Riverstone Resort). I then gathered up the blue tablecloth in 4 sections and pinned a red rose embellishment at the gathering.
-On the center table, I placed a yellow runner and a vintage vanity mirror in the center which I painted blue. Next, I place a gorgeous gold cake stand with hanging crystals in the center. Atop the cake stand I place a golden crown which I decorated inside of it and beneath the crown stand with flowers (red roses, white carnations, yellow flowers, pink roses, and baby's breath). On each side of the main centerpiece I created little cardstock decorations that I layered "Once Upon a Time" in glitter red cardstock onto and embellished with a gold bow I made and then attached a blue cardstock tiara in the center (the same tiara as on the invitations). I also wrapped the lollipop stick that I used to hold the little sign up with in glitter gold ribbon to tie in the gold with.
-The other tables had 2 different styles of candelabras which I purchased to use because they reminded me of Lumiere from the movie. I also created personalized cardstock "L" decorations to go on each side of 2 of the candelabras. I used red candles on each of them. On one table, I painted 2 wrought iron teacup decorations in gold and placed them on each side of the candelabra, and on the last table, were 2 golden tinted mercury glass apothecary jars.
-All the chairs at the tables were covered in beautiful gold chair covers for a finished look.

Belle's "Little Town":
-To add to the ambience of the party, I created a version of Belle's "Little Town" by handpainting four 4'x6' houses/shops. I accented with flowers in baskets, a tea cart with flowers and also a framed "Welcome to Belle's 'Little Town' custom made sign, plus other little props. This is where "Belle" herself, the amazing Stephanie Lee, sang songs from the movie, told her "own" (Belle's) story, and then read a special book about the birthday girl to a very captive audience of little princesses.

Party Favors/Dress Up Area:
-I created a little dress up area filled with party favors for not only the princesses, but also the knights and princes who attended. I used a built in bar and also an antique vanity/desk to display the favors. I also used vintage pieces I have collected such as an antique silver brush, comb, and mirror set which I placed onto a beautiful blue vintage toleware tray.
-Party favors for the girls: "Pearl" Necklaces, "Gold" bangle bracelets, rings, tiaras, and glittery golden wands (which I accented with organza ribbon in the party colors).
-Party favors for the boys: inflatable swords and gold king/prince crowns.
-I also brought plenty of blue tutus as well as several different Disney Princess dresses for any of the little princesses who may have come without her gown to wear during the party.

Other Decorations/Tables:
-Before entering into the royal ballroom, I decoration a table in the foyer with a large carriage that I painted gold, hung a large blue cardstock "L" inside of, and then accented with a little floral arrangement of red and pink roses, white carnations, baby's breath, and yellow flowers. On one end of the table, I placed a large crown decoration that I painted gold and placed another small arrangement inside. On the other end, I placed a Mrs. Potts decoration and one of her invitations onto a gold painted dress photo holder.
-As guests entered through the main ballroom doors, the first thing they saw hanging on the double doors were framed monogram "L" decorations that I created with my cricut.
-Once inside the room, I placed just inside the doors one of my vintage blue painted accent tables. I then put a yellow runner across it and placed an ornate 4 arm candelabra with red candles, a framed signed which read "The mansion is your home now so you can go anywhere you like except... THE WEST WING", a small golden tiara decoration, and finished it off with the "enchanted" red rose "floating" inside a glass dome.

Gift Table:
-I layered white and yellow tablecloths that I gathered in the center and then hung a cardstock bunting with various prints and colors to coordinate. I placed another gold painted princess carriage decoration that I made identical to the one on the foyer table and also a gold painted iron teacup decoration.

Dessert Table:
-As always, this is my most favorite part of the party to create! I started with a white tufted fabric tablecloth. I then used a light blue textured satin rosette fabric that covered the backdrop then down the center of the table to the floor. I made a last minute decision to use the gold fabric to drape around the backdrop. (Thanks to the birthday girl's sweet grandmother for remembering she had the material and allowing me to use it as I wished!) I gathered the material in the center and on the corners and pinned small fabric red roses at the gathering. Since the blue fabric was so beautiful and textured, I wanted to keep the backdrop a little simpler than some I have done in other parties so I painted a gorgeous wooden frame in a metallic gold and then crafted an "L" from styrofoam and covered it in a glittery red ribbon. (I got the solid wood frame for a steal at a garage sale! Only $1!! I had been dying to use this frame for a party since I found it!)
-I created a custom sign which read "Please be our Guest" and placed in a gold frame for the table. I accented the center, front of the table with a crown I painted gold. I also created personalized cardstock birthday bunting and hung it on the front of the dessert table.
-The absolutely GORGEOUS, PERFECT cake was baked and decorated by the very talented Melissa Archer. I had sent her several different photos of cakes that I liked small aspects from each one, and using these ideas, she was able to design, perfectly, the beautiful cake. It turned out so much better than I even imagined. Melissa also made the beautiful blue and yellow with the "3" sugar cookies as well as the red rose sugar cookies.
-I made several custom sweets: White Chocolate carriage pops, white chocolate with gold luster dust castle pops, marshmallow pops with red colored chocolate and topped with vanilla wafer crumbles and sprinkles, chocolate red rose pops, mini chocolate red roses, white chocolate with gold luster dust "Beast" faces, white chocolate princess cameos, white chocolate with gold luster dust crowns, and finally chocolate covered oreos. I used a few of my princess cameo chocolates a toppers on some, and then I also purchased some gorgeous personalized gumpaste toppers with "Livia" stamped on them and accented with red roses from SugarCakeShop on etsy.
-Other Candies: gumballs in red, blue, and gold, red rose suckers, red/white swirl lollipops (I tied a gold glitter ribbon accent onto each.), and red royal rock candy sticks.

Food & Drink:
-The "Beauty and the Beast" movie is set in a fictional town in France. Therefore, we chose some foods with a French flair such as mini quiches and chocolate filled croisannts.
-Other foods included were the following: hame and cheese rolls, turkey and cheese rolls, fresh veggies and dip, fresh fruit and dip, and crackers and cheese cubes.
-Drinks: Fruit punch, water,iced tea, and sweet iced tea.

Throughout the party, we played Disney themed music (thank you, Pandora!) as well as Kidz Bop dance music. There were also 2 large screens where we projected "Beauty and the Beast" onto throughout the entire party.
-Other Special Activities: Dress Up, facepainting, 20 minute musical and storytelling performance by "Belle", as well as a separate storytime with "Belle", and a dance party!


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