Party Recap

We celebrated the birthdays of 2 sweet little boys as they turned 2 and 4 years old. What a great time!


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    mud pies, hay bales and chicken feed

  • Desserts

    farm animal cupcakes and ice cream

  • Party Favors

    cowboy hats and red bandannas

  • Budget

    under $300 for decorations, food and favors + facility rental fee



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    Ketcia S wrote:

    Great party! Where did you find the animals?

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    Veronica W wrote:

    Keticia, I got the wooden cut-outs at Hobby Lobby and the real animals were at the Barnyard where the party was held. I think you're asking about the animals in the centerpieces, but just in case... Thanks for the compliment!

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    Bobbie C wrote:

    Love the party. On the centerpieces is that real grass? Love them.

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    Veronica W wrote:

    Thanks, Bobbie C.! The centerpieces do have real grass. I was scared to death it would never sprout and even bought some plastic grass just in case when there was still barely any action 3 days before the party. It's rye and all of the growth you see sprouted up in 2 days!

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    Nicole T wrote:

    Love your centerpieces! Where did you find the wheatgrass you used?

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    Veronica W wrote:

    Thanks Nicole! It's ryegrass. I bought a bag of seed at Lowes and planted it in potting soil about 2 weeks before the party. It was a small bag that was intended to patch bare spots in the yard.

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    Momma Smurph V wrote:

    Awesome, where did you get the little pickett fences?