Party Recap

We chose our names a while back...if it is a girl - Lydia Violet and if it is a boy - Zane Kelley. The middle names of our children are always a color, so we chose those colors for our theme - purple and green. I was thrilled when I found the hanging decor with the purple/green umbrella! It really pulled the entire look together.

Everyone signed up for either Team Zane or Team Lydia...and chose the appropriate colored balloon. Afterward we took pictures of everyone trying to stick them under their shirts...it was quite entertaining!

The cake cutting revealed that we are having a boy - Zane Kelley!


Party Highlights

  • Best Moment

    When we cut the cake and found out that we are having a boy!

  • Funniest Moment

    When Julianna managed to get the biggest balloon under her shirt!

  • Activities / Games

    Pick a balloon and blow it up to whatever size you want. Then after a few minutes, tell everyone to stick it under their shirts! LOL!!!

  • What People Ate

    Purple and Green food of course! The purple food included purple grapes, grape Jell-O, sugared marshmallows, purple skittles, and blue chips. The green food included green grapes, lime Jell-), sugared marshmallows, green skittles, kiwi, and guacamole for the chips! And of course, sugar cookies in the shape of L's and Z's and cake!

  • What People Drank



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