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B as in Bruna

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Party Recap

Party 'B as in... Bruna' (the birthday girl) was organized to celebrate my daughter Bruna's second birthday. It was all decorated and embellished with objects starting with the letter B: ballerinas, balloons, bycicles, [soap] bubbles, biscuits, and bonbons, to the sound of bossa-nova (style of Brazilian music developed and popularized in the 1950s and 1960s).

A Save the Date video ( was sent to all guests by e-mail; invitations were a pack of biscuits wrapped as bonbon; many other crafts (in fabric and in scrapbooking format) were designed exclusively for this party (tagged #festabdebruna at Instagram).

Pink vintage furniture and delicate shades of pink, yellow, blue and turquoise were chosen to embellish everything I had prepared to impress my guests. Cotton-candy, small spoons with decorations, colored popcorn, butterfly-shaped cookies inside cages, waffle biscuits (so hard to resist!) wrapped in fabric were some of the different details of this party.

A giant balloon, inspired by the movie Up! , surprised guests, who were encouraged to take fun photos simulating balloon rides.

More photos are available at my blog, Roteiro Baby:

Birthday girl dress: Kids Club
Pink vintage furniture: Festa Provençal
Cake, cupcakes and candy: Doce Talento
Wall panel and crafts: Vera Carmona
Invitations and personalized stationary: Lollipaper
Photos: Panoptes
Videos: Coletivo Capital


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  • Damita H

    Damita H wrote:

    This is beautiful! Where did you find the mini dresser & mirror?

  • Sha M

    Sha M wrote:

    omg i love it