Party Recap

The party planning for my daughters 6th Birthday took 2 1/2 months. Items were purchased from China. The tulle table skirting took 5 hours, the foam cones where covered in glitter. The backdrop material I sourced from our local charity shop. I found the picture of Arendelle on the back of one of the Frozen dolls boxes. I just cut out and put into the wooden frame we painted white. I used Frozen dolls on the table and blue glitter paper snowflake cutouts. We had Olaf's Frozen Jelly (blue), Hans Frozen Hearts(chocolate dipped strawberries), Olaf biscuits, Sven chocolate biscuits, snowflake cookies, marshmellows with blue sugar, Olaf's arms (pretzels), Snowballs (marshmellows). We played Pin the Nose of Olaf, Snowball (marshmellows) and spoon race and Frozen musical statues.


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Strawberry dipped chocolates, Olaf biscuits, Sven chocolate biscuits, snowflake cookies, Olaf's Frozen Jelly, Hans watermelon, Trolls tossed salad, Sven's carrots, Elsa's Snow Dip, "we finish each other's Sandwiches"

  • What People Drank

    Melted Snowman

  • Desserts

    The Frozen cake I made. The bottom layer chocolate mud cake with chocolate ganache, the middle layer caramel mud with caramel ganache and both covered in fondant.

  • Party Favors

    For the girls a Frozen purse and some lollies For the boys a tennis ball ( they love playing handball) and some lollies

  • Activities / Games

    Pin the Nose on Olaf, Snowball (marshmellows) and spoon race, Musical Frozen Statues. Pass the parcel.


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