Aubrey's 3rd Birthday Princess Party

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Party Recap

Aubrey's 3rd birthday just had to be a Disney princess party because we had visited Disney World in the summer, and she was obsessed with all things Princess!

I teach college math, and I asked one of my students to be "our princess" that came and helped with the party. My daughter thought she was Belle. I was so happy that she was happy!

Since my daughter's birthday is a few weeks before Christmas, I loved the fact that the room was decorated with a tree. It just added to the festivities , in my opinion.

There were 9 3-year olds and their moms and our family who attended. Since there was going to be 2 boys, I decided to give the boys the theme of Disney Cars. The girls were princess.

The table centerpieces were balloon bouquets. The bouquet consisted of a large princess mylar balloon. The favorite balloon was the singing one. It sang "Happy Birthday Princess." My daughter loved it!

Each place setting included a Princess or Cars placemat bought at Dollar General. Each girl had a pretty tiara too though most came already wearing one. The mini Cinderella slippers were filled with pink M&M's. Adults and children had them at their place settings. There were also Hershey's miniatures & Hershey's Kisses in small bowls on each table. The favor for the adults were the wrapped Hershey's Bars. I had three different wrapper designs.

The invitation was a photo invitation made at Wal-Mart with the Disney Princess theme. Aubrey had her picture taken with Belle at Disney World, so I used that one for the invitation.

The favors were Disney sand pails filled with Princess socks, lip gloss, music CD, grow-a-towel, card game, & puzzle. I also gave crown cookies and chocolate crown lollipops.

We played a few the Cinderella in the castle, hot potato with a princess ball, limbo, and castle pinata.


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