Party Recap

Every Year I say this is going to be the last party I throw and yet here I am another year and another party. My daughter just turned 6 and before this year every theme was almost impossible to find anything at your local party supply stores. So I have learned to be creative and make any theme into a party. This year by far was the most exciting as I had endless ideas to make this birthday one that she would not forget.


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    I try to keep a theme with the food I serve for the party, but my daughter requested a bake potato and nacho Bar. We had the works such as meat, cheese,chili, broccoli and Nacho cheese ETC....

  • What People Drank

    I like to keep it easy and just have soda cans and juice and water.

  • Best Moment

    Having my Daughter at the end of the day tell me she had the best party and I was the best mommy in the world because she felt very special on her very special day :) Well worth every minute and penny.

  • Best Dressed

    The birthday girl of course. My daughters favorite pony in Rainbow dash so I had her wear a rainbow tutu with a pink shirt and My Little Pony suspenders and an amazing rainbow silky smooth wig. She looked beautiful and for the first time she kept her Birthday outfit on all day at her party.

  • Desserts

    Main dessert was cupcakes, but also lots of candy from the pinata and I added special treats to the kids party favors.

  • Party Favors

    I put together party favors with fun and useful toys or items and everything was held together with 16oz Souvenir cups that had my little pony characters.

  • Activities / Games

    Entertainment was AMAZING this year as I had an Amazing company do face painting and balloon twisting. As well as having a surprise visit from a 4 legged friend (Pony) Pony rides for everyone .


Party Helpers

  • Elite Entertainment Co.


    Very friendly, managed the kids very well and made sure to be fair and insure every kid had at least one balloon and had their face painted. provided Amazing Talent and from both the face painter and balloon twister leading to 4 successful booking from parents at the party. http://www.eecompany.org/




  • no photo

    Brooke M wrote:

    This party is great! How did you do the big pony cutouts?? My daughter's party is in a couple of weeks and she would LOVE those.

  • Misti C

    Misti C wrote:

    Thank you, and I custom make all my party decorations. For the pony's I used foam board that is just a little over 3.5 tall and I drew each pony then painted them with regular acrylic paint and traced over original drawing with a black permeate market. The pony's were a lot of fun and not to hard to draw although my husband helped a little on the eyes to get them just right because if they weren't it seem to throw off the whole painting. If I can help in anyway or you have any other questions feel free to message me.

  • Melissa L

    Melissa L wrote:

    I couldn't find a way to private message you. I was wondering if you would be interested in selling your MLP decor? I'm located in your area. TIA!

  • Claudia G

    Claudia G wrote:

    Where or how did you get these center pieces I love them so much planning a MLP birthday party next month! I'm going crazy trying to get this all together

  • Misti C

    Misti C wrote:

    Hello, I actually had made the centerpieces myself and most of the items they were made with were from things I collected over time. I created the image myself as well and would love to help you create some just like mine if you would like to email me I would be willing to send you a copy of the images used if you would like. www cutitoutcustoms@gmail.com