Antônio around the World in a Hot Air Balloon Party

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Party Recap


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Guests ate traditional brazilian a variety of fried snacks, pizza, french fries, cheese bread.

  • What People Drank

    Guests drank soda, water, beer and iced tea.

  • Desserts

    In brazilian parties, the desserts are the large variety of condensed milk-based candies and others set on the table. At this party we served brigadeiro (chocolate), beijinho (coconut), churros (cinnamon powder and sugar + baked condensed milk). We also served marshmallow pops, decorated cookies, cupcakes, brownies and chocolates, besides the cake.

  • Party Favors

    We gave a small bag, customized in scrap by Arrumadinha Ateliê, containing a pig bank, a waterproof toilet bag for wet clothes and a play-doh. Both pig bank and toilet bag were customized.

  • Activities / Games

    We hired a vendor only to play with kids. We had ball games, scavenger hunt and other yard games for children.


Party Helpers

  • Arrumadinha Ateliê

    Decorations, party planner

    Arrumadinha Ateliê just thought about everything, from theme to the final result. We rent all the furniture, the table accessories, the pallet panel and the balloons decoration, and Carol worked in order to place and decorate everything! From the candies disposal to the home decor accessories we brought to the party (the globe, the 3-countries clock and the Eiffel Tower), she did everything.
    She also set some paper lanterns as ground embellishments.

  • Arrumadinha Ateliê

    Stationer, favors

    Carol made candy toppers (4 varieties: globe, pinwheel, clouds, balloons), candy holders, embellishments for small plastic boxes, popcorn cachepots, flags used to decorate the table, decorated candy plastic tubes (we put jellybeans on those), and a totem with some city signs.

  • Nicia Mayer Fotografia


  • Isabel Doces (Margarete)


  • Marcio Gomes


  • Marilene Queiroz

    Balloons, Furniture

  • MC Animação Infantil


  • Brownie das Ju's



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