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Anna's Princess and the Pea Pajama Party

no photo By Sandy K  in Birthday


Party Recap

Recently Anna has been spending a considerable amount of time thinking about slumber parties. I'm not ready to let her go away for the night yet. I'm also not ready to have 12 little girls stay over. When I learned that Bounce U now offers a pajama party option, combined with the fact that Anna wanted to invite her entire class over for her party, the Princess and the Pea pajama party was born. It just seemed like the perfect compromise. I love decorating for our parties and my one complaint about Bounce U is that there isn't a very pretty party room. They also don't allow any wall or ceiling hangings. Instead I decided to concentrate on the tables. I attempted to make tablecloths that looked like the stacked mattresses from the princess and the pea. We also brought along a dresser from home to place the cake on as well as our "pea under glass". All of the kids came in their jammies and bounced non-stop. We all had such a great time and Anna said it was one of her best parties ever.



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    Beverly P wrote:

    This is so creative! I love it!

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    Beverly P wrote:

    Cutest ever!

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    Beverly P wrote:

    Very dramatic touch. Only a real princess would think of it. :-)

  • Patty Z

    Patty Z wrote:

    <3 it!!!!

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    Trina M wrote:

    I agree! very creative!

  • Kelly M

    Kelly M wrote:

    Love this idea!

  • Carrie M

    Carrie M wrote:

    love it!!!