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The Very Hungry Caterpillar 1st Birthday!

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Party Recap

I had so much fun planning this party!


Party Highlights

  • Activities / Games

    Caterpillar crafts

  • Party Favors

    M&M Caterpillars

  • What People Ate

    Foods found in The Very Hungry Caterpillar and VHC-inspired food

  • What People Drank


  • Anderson's 1st Birthday!

    The Very Hungry Caterpillar 1st Birthday Party!


Party Helpers



  • Amy A

    Amy A wrote:

    so cute!

  • Amy A

    Amy A wrote:


  • Amy A

    Amy A wrote:

    seriously awesome creative work here. Looks fabulous!

  • Bre Ann W

    Bre Ann W wrote:

    Hi..I am doing the very hungry caterpillar theme birthday for my sons first birthday the end of Aug. I was wondering where you got the sign in the frame which has about signing the book?

  • Tasha P

    Tasha P wrote:

    I was wondering if you made the M&M caterpillars (how did you do it) or bought them (where did you get them)? And I also love the sign the book idea!

  • no photo

    Amy M wrote:

    I love the birthday banner and would love the same one for my son's birthday in a couple of weeks - did you make it yourself or where did you find it?

  • Annie C

    Annie C wrote:

    Who did you use for your printables?

  • no photo

    Jessica D wrote:

    hello i was wondering who you used for your printables also?

  • no photo

    Elizabeth N wrote:

    Is there really ice cream in the cones? If there is how did it stay cold and not melt? I'm trying to find an alternative for this. Any ideas?

  • no photo

    Tiffany S wrote:

    I love this party theme! Where did you get the hungry caterpillar place cards and banner?

  • no photo

    Amy E wrote:

    How did you make this?

  • Jennifer D

    Jennifer D wrote:

    Hi! I was wondering where did you get the white with the green striped tablecloth? I'm doing TVHC theme for my sons 1st party too!

  • Karen E

    Karen E wrote:

    I too was wondering about the printed cards you have??

  • no photo

    Donna B wrote:

    Hi, I was wondering where you got the birthday sign?

  • Bridget B

    Bridget B wrote:


  • Dallas C

    Dallas C wrote:

    Hi--great ideas! Just wondering (like everyone else!) where you ordered/got all of the VHC personalized paper products from? Amazing! :)

  • no photo

    Tanya L wrote:

    Where did you buy the skirt for the table/high chair?

  • no photo

    Amanda D wrote:

    Would you mind sharing this document? I would LOVE to use this at my son's party in April! :-) Thank you for sharing such a sweet idea!

  • no photo

    Amanda D wrote:

    If you are willing to share, here is my email: Than you again for sharing! :-)

  • no photo

    Teresina O wrote:

    Yes... Please share. My email is

  • Trista C

    Trista C wrote:

    Did anyone figure out how this can be shared?? I would live to use this next week!!!

  • no photo

    Vanessa G wrote:

    Where can I find a print out like this? OR where did you order? I would like to have one but with Brown Bear Brown Bear. Please let me know. Thank you! :)