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Alexis' Unbirthday Tea Party

Rozanna F By Rozanna F  in Birthday


Party Recap

This party was truly a labor of love for my husband and I. Many sleepless nights went into each and every detail to make this party special for our little girl.

We had planned to set up the Mad Hatter table on our patio, unfortunately our plans were derailed due to weather.



  • Vania A

    Vania A wrote:

    I love the Manzanita branches and the floral balls. Are they real or made from a fabric?

  • Tara O

    Tara O wrote:

    Love to know how these are made. Beautiful!

  • Melena P

    Melena P wrote:

    Love what you did!!!!

  • Christina P

    Christina P wrote:

    LOVED the details! So creative! BEAUTIFUL floral arrangements! Are they made with carnations? Did you make them or have them made? If you made them, do you have a tutorial you are willing to share? Also, what did you serve to eat? Was is strictly tea party finger foods? Thanks for sharing your photos! SOoo cut! Christina

  • Rozanna F

    Rozanna F wrote:

    Christina P: yes those are carnations. This the first time I've ever made those flower balls and it was quite a task. I'm still trying to figure out an easier way to make them, then I'll post a tutorial. I'll make sure to keep you updated :) At first I really wanted to just serve tea party finger foods-but my family are big on the traditional Filipno food when it comes to parties. But I did lay out cookies and madeleines to make it more tar party-ish. Another great idea is to make little tea sandwiches, especially for the little ones and cut them into shapes with cookie cutters.

  • Sarah I

    Sarah I wrote:

    beautiful picture!

  • Melena P

    Melena P wrote:

    where did you get the "Grass" Runner????

  • no photo

    Kenia P wrote:

    I just want to say your hard work payed off.. great job!! I love everything about this party, specially the centerpieces and floral arrangements.. The grass runner was very creative, where did you buy or get some of your inspiration for the decoration?