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Alala Turns 5!

Marife O By Marife O  in Birthday


Party Recap

She had a Lilo and Stitch LUAU Party as the theme for her birthday. Alala was the one who chose this theme and she specifically said that she has to wear a hawaiian dress.



  • Iraida T

    Iraida T wrote:

    Beautiful! I do Parties in Puerto Rico I want to know in which materials you did the backdrop and props?

  • no photo

    Karla R wrote:

    Hi i had a question the billboard you have next to the cakr with lilo and thr rrst where can i find that or were did you buy it?

  • no photo

    Karla R wrote:

    I really need this were can i find it

  • no photo

    Mary M wrote:

    Hi. My daughter loves lilo and stitch and she will soon turn 1 and i love the lilo and stitch billboard. Where can i buy it?

  • Sofia S

    Sofia S wrote:

    Where can i order this and all other Lilo and stitch items you havr. My daughter is having a birthday june 13. Please lwt me know. Thanks

  • Sharita F

    Sharita F wrote:

    How did u make these center pieces