Party Recap

This is Alaina's 3rd Birthday Party. I made all the decorations, paintings, treats and her outfit. I got a lot of ideas from Pinterest. Everything turned out great! Alaina and our friends and family had a great time.


Party Helpers



  • Maricela C

    Maricela C wrote:

    i love your party what did you make the centerpieces out of? and also how did you make the golden flower?

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    Kellieanne G wrote:

    Thank you so much! I appreciate that! The Golden Flower is a large yellow flower I found at a craft store and I painted it gold and purple to look like the flower from the movie. For the centerpieces, I put flowers from the dollar store in tin cans and then I wrapped them in scrap paper and ribbon. The lantern part of the centerpiece is a piece of scrapbook paper that i was able to see through. I traced the pattern on with a purple marker. I just rolled the paper into a cylinder and taped the back and put a battery votive candle inside. The candles were also from the dollar store. I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions. :)

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    Roberta P wrote:

    I loved Alaina's costume. Where did you get the braid and the frog from? It was so original!!! :)

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    Jamie E wrote:

    Where did this banner come from and how can I get a printable copy? I love it my daughter says it all the time and I think it would be perfect for her Rapunzel Themed party .....ty