Party Recap

I started planning this birthday about 7 months prior to it! I was so excited! We had snow cones, cotton candy, BBQ company and an amazing DJ. Weather was almost 90! So hot for the backyard but everyone had a blast.


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    BBQ company came and grilled burgers, hot dogs, sausage, corn on the bob, beans, onions and peppers

  • What People Drank

    Adults had watermelon margaritas and a full bar Kids had all juices and all soda

  • Desserts

    Cake:Vanilla with Pink Vanilla Frosting and Cupcakes: Vanilla, Chocolate and Red Velvet Cotton Candy, Snow Cones, Cookies: Cotton Candy, Key Lime and Orangsicle

  • Party Favors

    DJ came with lots of goodies! He gave all the kids maracas, sunglasses, glow tubes. I gave them super cute Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse cookies to take home.

  • Activities / Games

    DJ did tons of games with the kids! Wrapped the kids up in mummies, popped balloons on chairs, dance contest

  • Best Moment

    Addison telling everyone she is 1 and pointing up her finger to show 1!!! Like a big girl!

  • Funniest Moment

    When my friend Tami's little girl went behind the bar and stole a couple full bottles of alcohol and threw them in the garbage.

  • Most Touching Moment

    My husband giving a speech.

  • Best Dressed

    Always... Erica


Party Helpers

  • Morgan


  • Tanya, Diana and Josh


  • DJ Dean


    Best DJ in Northern NJ (I think) He is so great with the kids and entertains them til no end!!! Could not have asked for a better DJ!

  • F&B Catering




  • Jason N Kristti B

    Jason N Kristti B wrote:

    These are all great ideas thanks for sharing. Kristti@http://www.specialbirthdaypartyideas.com/

  • Jenny P

    Jenny P wrote:

    Nice party:-) Where did you get the ketchup labels?

  • no photo

    Ashley L wrote:

    OMG how did you make this

  • Amanda R

    Amanda R wrote:

    I ordered the bottles from Heinz :)

  • Carla T

    Carla T wrote:

    Where did you get the toothpicks from for the garden??? It's beautiful!

  • Amanda R

    Amanda R wrote:

    I actually made the toothpicks:) thank you!!! I made the garden also.

  • Jessica W

    Jessica W wrote:

    beautiful party!!! how did you do the invites with that font??

  • Sharon L

    Sharon L wrote:

    how did you make this

  • Amanda R

    Amanda R wrote:

    I downloaded the font from the Internet!

  • no photo

    Melissa S wrote:

    Did you use toothpicks or what for the sticks this is the cutest and did you use styrofoam on the bottom any other information would be great thank u

  • no photo

    Macy H wrote:

    How did u do the garden, the bottom?

  • Amanda R

    Amanda R wrote:

    Hi Melissa, Thank you! I bought styrofoam boards from the craft store. Then wrapped them in green tissue. I bought wood sticks (Tried to find white but couldn't) for the "fence" look. Then wrapped it in ribbon to secure it. I put gift basket filler in green to make it look like grass. I bought short bamboo sticks for the picks. I ordered minnie confetti on Etsy and glued it to each stick. Hope that helps!!!

  • Amanda R

    Amanda R wrote:

    Hi Sharon, I bought a styrofoam wreath from the craft store and 2 small ones. Also bought yarn. Simply wrapped the yarn around it and did the same with the ears. Then glued them on. I bought little flowers and glued swarovski crystals in the ears. Tied it up with a bow and a little flower on the bottom! Hope this helps!

  • Amanda R

    Amanda R wrote:

    Hi Ashley, Sorry for such a late response! I sent the pics in to Heinz. They put them on for you!

  • Amanda R

    Amanda R wrote:

    I wrapped the styrofoam in green tissue. Then I added basket filler in green to make it look like grass!

  • no photo

    Marjorie G wrote:

    love the outfit

  • no photo

    Maggie W wrote:

    I like this. Cute idea.

  • no photo

    Maggie W wrote:

    That is an awesome idea for veggies.