Party Recap

When I asked Zion what party she wanted for her 3rd birthday, she yelled "Tinker Bell!"

A local park had the perfect setting for a fabulous fairy party... With a bridge walkway to the picnic area, lots of trees, and 2 playground areas.

Menu: for the children, my husband made butterfly-shaped sandwiches, chips, tinker bell gummy snacks, and apple/grape slices. We packed them in brown bags and sealed the bags with Tink stickers. This method made planning really easy - line the bags up and simply drop the meal items into each. For the adults, we had bbq chicken, dirty rice, pasta salad, veggies & dip, hot dogs, and hamburgers. Additional menu items for the kids and kids-at-heart included: fairy fruit kabobs (with gummy butterflies as toppers), cotton candy (in Target $1 bin baggies), cookie wands (I purchased the ready-bake cookie squares and baked them on dowels).

As each fairy arrived, they received a tinker bell headband and a scented fairy barbie wrist band (with a detachable mini doll). We also had a facepainting and fairy dust station set-up. At 3 yrs old, the girls wanted lady bugs, flowers and sunshines so we didn't make the investment into a facepainter. They loved the spray body glitter!

Games: For games, we played fairy fairy frog (duck duck goose), Fairy says (Simon says), a few rounds of ring around the roses, Tinker Bell tag and had open play on the playgrounds. As prizes for each of the games, I purchased, littlest pet shop toys and had labels created to say creatures from Fairyland - Handle with care on the gift bags.

Cake: I purchased a mini cake with a tinker bell topper from Shoppers. Zion was so excited when she saw it that she jumped up on her daddy causing a little damage... BUT it was still cute nonetheless. We knew Zion would want the mini cake to herself so we also ordered a few dozen cupcakes in coordinating colors with butterfly ring toppers...They were a huge hit!

Decor: I hung a store-bought tinker bell birthday banner from the bridge for a photo op. I had a balloon archway for each of the picnic pavillions, and used pieces of purple satin fabric for picnic table cloths. I also had an arrangement that had red artificial flowers but for the party, I popped the heads off and replaced them with purple flowers and strung letters I found at Target for .25 into the centerpiece...

The decor, games, and food were simple but the fun was HUGE! Happy 3rd birthday, Zion! We love you!


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